My Fable

By Trinity Allison

Kennedy and The Witch

Kennedy was very greedy and never appreciated what she had. She would all day until she got what she wanted, and when she got it, it was never enough. One day Kennedy was extremely upset because she had gotten a purple bike instead of a pink one for her birthday. A witch who had been walking by had heard this and was angered by her ungratefulness.

" I said I wanted a pink bike", Kennedy screeched. She thought this was so unfair she had clearly asked for a pink bike for her birthday not a purple one.

" Listen child, you must not take what you have for granted or it will surely be lost." Said the witch.

" How would you know anything your just a dumb old witch!" Kennedy screamed not caring what the old witch had said.

" Fine. You want to be greedy I'll show you!" said the witch, and with a magic poof the girl turned in to a small fly.

" Now you will really know how it feels to not have anything you want.". The witch stormed off leaving the small fly sitting in the wall.