Protect Yourself and your Accounts

An Online Safety Newsletter


To keep your accounts secure, make strong passwords! Don’t use the generic “Username is username, and Password is password,” your passwords have to be long, and hard to guess. Changing your important account’s passwords are also important because if it is found one day your account is breached. And have a different password for each account because if one gets found out, then the rest of your accounts are at risk too.

  • Keep passwords 12-14 characters long

  • Use a mix of: Numbers, capital letters, lowercase letters, special characters

  • Choose words or phrases that are unusual, memorable

  • Change important passwords every 6 months

  • Have a different password for every account


Scams can affect anyone, and can be pretty much everywhere. Don’t click on anything shady, because that will lead to viruses and much worse, like your keys being logged or personal information being found out. Be smart online and buy good programs to protect your tech and accounts.

  • Don’t click on anything “Too good to be true”

  • Set up firewalls and invest (pay for) antivirus programs

  • Never give out personal information (ie: birth date, social security number,

  • Use common sense


Social media allows you to keep your profile hidden from people for the most part, however they sometimes don’t work in the way you think. Look through the settings to keep your profile to only people you know, and only add people that you know.

User Agreements

The Terms and Service is a long document which states what the rules and what the company will do with the content you put on it. When you agree with these, you may be agreeing with things that you wouldn’t normally. Some companies write in there that they own the content you post and can use if got their gain, without you getting notified about it, or getting any royalties.

  • Read the Terms and Service

  • Don’t blindly agree to shady companies that want you to agree to their Terms.
Playing and Staying Safe online


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