7-12 Social Studies

December 2014

International Distance Learning Series

Partnered with the World Affairs Council, The Sixth Floor Museum will host a videoconference series this spring. These conferences are FREE and will include guests with knowledge and expertise in journalism, art, filmmaking, law enforcement and medicine.

February - Great Peacemakers with Artist and Journalist Karen Blessen

Karen Blessen, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and illustrator, provided the largest public art project in Dallas' history as a tribute to President John F. Kennedy.

March - Documenting History with Allen Mondell

Allen Mondell co-wrote, produced and directed the permanent films seen in The Sixth Floor Museum.

April - Reporting History with Pierce Allman

Pierce Allman worked for WFAA-Radio in 1963 and covered President Kennedy's visit to Dallas, including his report from inside the Texas School Book Depository following the assassination.

May - A Witness to History with Hugh Aynesworth

Hugh Aynesworth, a journalist for The Dallas Morning News, covered President Kennedy's visit to Dallas. He was the only reporter present for all of the events that occurred the weekend of Kennedy's assassination.

Visit The Sixth Floor Museum for more information about their programs. Click on the link to register for any or all of these sessions.

Librarian Corner

Testing and Education Reference Handout

Curriculum Resource Center

Facts on File Online has put together an electronic library of printable materials for your curriculum and classroom. Teachers can access thematic handouts, maps, diagrams, timelines, and historical images for both U.S. and world history. See your campus librarian for the username and password.


Using Eduphoria for Classroom Data

In the past, Eduphoria has housed and collected district data for standardized testing, midterms, CBAs, and even final exams. However, did you know that Eduphoria can do much more for you as a teacher? As a former classroom teacher, I had no idea Eduphoria was useful beyond looking at STAAR data.

Teachers can create their own unit tests by copying and pasting questions from existing assessments in to Eduphoria. Tests can be created and shared with teammates, however, others cannot see other teacher data. Eduphoria is just another way teachers can collect useful information for the scope and sequence, lesson pacing, and student feedback. Teacher-created tests in Eduphoria can help drive team collaboration sessions, PLC conversations, and help to improve our curriculum. Plus, all of the information is stored and scored for you!

Visit the Eduphoria link to learn more about creating teacher tests in Eduphoria.