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June 19, 2018

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Fifth grade farewell was last Friday at Frothingham Park. It was a very fun day for our kids. We will miss this class at RO and wish them the very best at EMS!

Honoring Those Who Have Always Kept RO Flying High

The smiling faces of children you see on this and most NewsFlashes sent each week don't happen by accident. Our faculty and our parents work together to do all we can for these students because we love them and because we believe in them.

In this final NewsFlash of this school year, I would like to recognize three RO Community members who will very sadly not be returning to RO next year in the same capacity. The three people I highlight here are among the most modest, most hard working, most compassionate and committed people we have in our school. These three individuals very much LEAD RO, most often behind the scenes. They never ask for recognition, in fact are most likely mortified as they read this. But, please trust me, most of what we do at RO would not be possible without the never-ending involvement and commitment of these three people.

Skip Mitchell

Skip has been the lead custodian at RO, and the lead custodian for the district, for decades. He is retiring on July 1. Skip is a true gentleman, can fix just about anything, and has faithfully served Easton Public Schools since 1991. Skip prepares for every event at RO and never has to be reminded. In fact staff go to him to know what is coming up. Skip is an absolute class act and will be sorely missed at our school and across the district.

Karen Diamond

Karen is the smiling face you have seen welcoming you into our school for the past six years. Karen knows our school inside and out - every student, every staff member, every ROOM NUMBER, like the back of her hand. She can multitask with the very best of them and does it all with kindness and a smile. She can organize 850 students into class lists, answer the phone, welcome parents into the building and give a child a tissue all at the same time. She has served on our crisis team, negotiating teams, and is a go-to person for just about everything at our school. She will be replaced next year by Beckie Smock, another gem in our school, but I know for sure that every member of our staff will miss Karen Diamond. We wish her the very best as the lead secretary at Center School next year.

Lisa Cary

If you have been to any RO student event over the past six years you have most likely seen Lisa there setting up beforehand, organizing all the volunteers and cleaning up. You haven't seen her organizing, cleaning and storing most of our PTA supplies at her own house, or spending afternoons counting coins from our various coin drives, or spending hours on the phone coordinating most of the enrichment programming at RO, or driving families without cars to important appointments or working to help them acclimate to our community. Lisa constantly serves others and seeks NO recognition and nothing in return. Lisa is entirely selfless to her core. Lisa is moving on to lead the PTA at Easton Middle School. On behalf of every student, family and staff member at RO, Lisa, thank you for giving all of yourself to our school for so many years.

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Congratulations to our Citizens of the Month for May! We are so proud of their hard work!

Step Up Day: Wednesday, June 20th

All RO students will have the chance to meet their teacher for next year as well as their classmates during our Step Up Day on June 20th. Our teachers and administrators have worked very hard on placement and did our best to build balanced classrooms. Every year is a new year for our students; a clean slate to make new friends, learn from a new teacher and experience the successes and the challenges that come with growing up and working with various people. Please join me in presenting a 'can-do' outlook into next year for our students. Making new friends and learning from new people are important experiences for all children as they grow.

Summer Reading Instructions

Parents, please be on the lookout for a new summer reading initiative we are launching for all RO students next year. Your child should come home from step up day with news of his/her new teacher and classmates and a summer reading assignment. We are asking all RO students to read TWO books of their choice this summer and post 4 responses to their NEW Google Classroom site over the summer. Your child will bring home a packet on Wednesday that includes a bookmark with your Google Classroom site and passcode as well as a letter that explains this initiative from Mr. Getchell, a list of book recommendation links and possible "post prompts" from our literacy specialist and a "Parent How-To Guide for Google Classroom".

We see this as an opportunity to emphasize the importance and the fun of sharing your reading thinking with classmates. This is a way to generate excitement about reading and to begin to make connections with your new class for next year. We are looking to shift the emphasis of summer reading away from counting pages or chapters or books and more toward the enjoyment of reading and the thinking and wonder that comes with reading a good book.

Grade 3 & 4 Collaboration

A few Grade 3 & Grade 4 classes partnered together to give 3rd graders a taste of what it’s like to be in 4th grade! The teachers in these classrooms held 4 - 30 minute rotations which included STEM activities and using/ introducing Google Classroom. It was a huge success and the students loved it!

Back to School Calendar of Events

August 30th - First Day of School

September 3rd - No School - Labor Day Holiday

September 5th - Grade 3 Get Acquainted Night @ 6:30pm

September 12th - Grade 4 Get Acquainted Night @ 6:30pm

September 20th - Grade 5 Get Acquainted Night @ 6:30pm

October 5th - School Picture Day