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Iron Horse

By 1825 the United States was begging to industrialize.In 1800, the United States was a rural country.In the 1830s railroad fever hit america.In 1835 more than a thousand miles of track had been laid.

The Workers

There was over 3,000 workers.Charles Crocker hired an irish man named Harvey Storbridge.There were 7,000 chinese workers.There was 23,000 american workers.

The Great Race

In 1866 two trains the central and the union pacific.The raced to see who could build the most miles of track.After a year the union pacific had 554 miles of track and the central pacific had 40 miles of track.The central pacific had to go through snow storms avalanches and other diasters

The Wild Wild West

The government had given the railroads a unormus amount of land.One group of people were not pleased to see railroad tracks laid across the plains.The native americans were angry thta iron horse was built