Champions For Children

TR Newsletter - March 2016

Preschool News

In the month of March, the preschoolers have been learning all about Dr. Seuss, rhyming, magnets, leprechauns, rainbows, bunnies, and chicks. The leprechauns came and visited our classrooms. The preschoolers visited the Waterford Township Public Library to listen to stories.

The students learned about many Dr. Seuss characters and books. The students learned many different rhyming songs. They had hands on experiences in what we were learning. The students also learned the different colors that make up the rainbow.

Art projects that the students have made included Dr. Seuss characters, magnet painting,, leprechauns, and rainbows. The students had a lot of fun learning this month.

The students had a great time visiting the Library where we heard different stories. They had fun looking for eggs on our egg hunt.

Second Grade News

Second grade has been busy in the month of March. We started the month with our Read Across America celebration. We had a visit from The Cat in the Hat and showed our love of reading with several different dress up days related to books. Dr. Seuss would be proud!

Second graders are working really hard in Math and learning about 3 digit addition and subtraction. Community and community workers are the focus in Social Science right now and students are learning how to read maps, exploring our community, and learning about the people who work there.

Technology is also playing a big role in our classrooms. We are learning to create Google slides for Black History Month and community workers. MyOn reader and STMath are being utilized in both ELA and Math. Our students love using the chromebooks and learning new things about technology.

Third Grade News

It has been a very exciting month for Third Grade! We began the month with Read Across America, and came to school with wacky hair, mismatching clothes, and what we would like to be when we grow up! We also had a number of guest readers, including various members from our community and Author/Illustrator Lee Harper.

Third Grade has been working on an in depth study of The Snow Queen a retelling by Hans Christian Anderson. We learned story elements such as theme, how to cite evidence from the text, and comparing and contrasting various versions of the text, culminating with our own retelling of the story. In Science, we have been participating in hands-on science labs to distinguish between different properties of matter, such as measuring mass and volume. Many classes even made slime.

We are looking forward to a warm and sunny Spring!

School Wide News

Keeping with the theme of Read Across America, On Tuesday March 8th, we had the privilege of hosting author/Illustrator Lee Harper at our school. Mr. Harper has illustrated many books including, Turkey Trouble, Turkey Claus, Turkey Trick or Treat and Woolbur. In addition, he has written and illustrated The Emperor's Cool Clothes, Snow! Snow! Snow! and Coyote.

Before Mr. Harper’s visit, we had lessons on the job of an illustrator. We also held a book sale prior to his arrival and decorated the school with students' coloring of the Turkey Trouble character.

On the day of the assembly, Mr. Harper signed and illustrated each book that was sold and signed bookmarks for the whole student body. Mr. Harper spoke with the students about how he became an illustrator and demonstrated his drawing technique. He spoke of how he failed many times in his career but continued to pursue his dream.

Another highlight for Read Across America was our Dr. Seuss poster contest for which students were invited to design and create a poster based on their favorite Dr. Seuss book. There were many amazing entries which were all displayed in the hallway to get ready for our visit by The Cat in the Hat. Everyone had a lot of fun making their posters and our hallway looked great!

PARCC Testing

Parcc testing will take place starting April 11th and ending April 29.

Mrs. Borman's, Mrs. Kennevan's and Mrs. Scotti's classes will be tested on seven mornings April 11 - April 19, for 60 - 90 minutes each morning.

Mrs. Schaller's, Mrs. O'Donnell's and Mrs. Magner's classes will be tested on seven mornings April 20 - April 27, & April 29 for 60 - 90 minutes each morning.

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