Milton Hersey

Written by Kyle Purvin

Who was Milton Hersey

Can you imagine the world without chocolate? Milton was born on September 13, 1857, and his parents were Henry and Fanny Hersey. As you may know, Milton was a very famous candy maker and he grew up working at ice cream shops, and a candy store too but grew up very poor.

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A Day at the Park

Did you know that Milton Hersey built a town for his workers? But that’s not all, he had zoos, theaters, a trolley to travel from their houses in the park to the factory each day, and he had a Post Office. In the houses, his workers had electricity, flush toilets, and they didn’t have to pay for food whereas other companies made workers pay. He built a huge park for people it was free then you had to pay to get into the park

Did He Always want to be a Candyman?

Of course! His dream was to make chocolate! He owned caramel shop than sold it for one million dollars to make the famous Hersey Park. He made his chocolate into shapes like the Hersey Kiss. He named a ride after the Hersey Kiss too! But the first chocolate shape he made was the Hersey Bar. He wanted to help during World War 2 so he made a special candy bar to give soldiers energy

What was his family like?

Well, his family move a lot. His father always looked for the next big thing which made the Hershey's move a lot because of his father was always chasing the next bid thing. One time Milton’s father wanted Milton to make cough drops but he ruined Milton’s shop. He had a sister named Serena but she sadly died of a disease.
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Always Trying Hard

Did you know even when Milton was older he tested things out, he tried making different types of chocolate and he also tried selling soap and butter but that didn’t work out? He got his famous caramel formula from a candy company in Colorado.
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Amazing Facts

  • His middle name was Snavley

  • The Hershey's were supposed to ride on the Titanic but Milton’s wife got really sick so the had to cancel

  • Milton and his wife built a school for boys whose parents couldn’t take care of them or the kids didn’t have any parents