Badab-e Surt

FF-The salty water is believed to have medicinal properties!

Water staircase!

This landform is unique because it is a 100% natural travertine terraces… made with water! There are hundreds of these little ponds, which increases in elevation leading to the top of a mountain. These “steps” also have very bright and vibrant colours. Why wouldn't you want to visit this crazy attraction!


The Badab-e surt is located in the natural site of Mazandaran, Northern Iran. It is 95 kilometres south from the city of Sari and 7 kilometres west from Orost village.

Do humans take advantage of this landform in any way?

Humans do take advantage of this landform, but they take advantage of the water not the land. How? They use the water because it can cure some skin related diseases. It is also a tourist destination. However because it is 91 miles from the closest city, not a lot of people can travel there.

How was it formed? What category does this landform fall under

This landform fall under the category of a fluvial landform. This strange attraction was been formed thousands of years ago by flowing water from two mineral hot springs. One was being cooled and the other "deposited carbonate minerals onto the side of the mountain" according to Mineral hot springs are springs that are made by geothermal heated groundwater heated by the earth's crust. (picture is of mineral hot springs).

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Are there any human activities or natural processes that are changing or impacting this landform?

No, there are no human activities that are changing or impacting the landform. The only changes to it are from natural processes. For example, different gasses are deposited into the water then they diffuse into the air.

What are two natural characteristics about your landform?

1. It is located 1,840 meters above sea level.

2. The water contain high concentrations of salt. It is believed that it can cure skin diseases and some skin conditions.