Gender and Identity

A journey into the life of a teenage boy


I believe i am a good child. I behave most of the time. I like to joke around with a lot of people. This is why my mom calls me an antagonistic jackass. I try to get good grades in school but its too tiring. id much rather be playing sports or hanging out with my friends. But I have to go to school because its required by law. In my mind i feel as I am a likable person.

In the play Twelth Night the character Sir Toby is an uncle to Olivia. He lives in her house and uses her money. Sir Toby is a drunk that mooches off his niece. To Sir Toby, keeping her happy is one of his main priorities. If shes not happy with him, he gets cut off. When he gets cut off he cant drink.


As a man I feel like we are portrayed as the more domiate person. Men are supposed to be the protector. they are supposed to be the providor. Men are supposed to care for the ones they love. Men are all wrapped up in the stereotype that they have to be big and macho but thats not all a man should be.

Sir Toby is a male that drinks a lot. he also is involved in a prank. Of course those two things together cant be good, Sir toby is the type of man who has no regards for anyone else. He does whatever he likes as long as it doesnt interfere with Olivia.Sir Toby is a self-centered man.


How I think others see me is a mystery. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone has different opinions. Most people tell me im funny andtall and nice. And some girls tell me im cute. But those are normal and plain words to think about some. I would think that sometimes i could be outgoing or amazing or intellegent. But this society has been dumbed down to where people dont want to spend the time to think of more elaborate words to describe someone.

I believe that other characters in Twelth Night see Sir Toby as an ass. Sir Toby does nothing but drink and mess with other peoples lives. if anything he is ruining their lives Malvolio is being portrayed as a crazy ma because of a prank he is involved in. he almost got one of his best friends killed. Sir Toby is defiinitely an ass

Similarities and Differences

Sir Toby and I are similar in the way of joking around. Even though sometimes things go too far we find it hard to stop. we get lost in the thrill of seeing others look bad or embaressed. We are different because He is self-centered and thinks ony of himself. As a man that likes to work for others and volunteers to do things i am much different from him.