Apple industry History - I CAN

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What is the above feature and what is it's purpose?

Why are our apple crops so important to our community?

2013- In Henderson County an average of 22 million dollars is made from the production of apples!

2013-Henderson County is 7th in the production of apples in the Unites States.

2013- The county grows 65% of all the apples grown in North Carolina.

What type of transportation did they have in the 1890's to the early 1900's?

Why would this type of transportation cause the apple industry to be slow?

Why were apple farmers only able to haul apples to counties in South Carolina in the 1890's to early 1900's?

Why was the railroad important to our community in the 1900's?

In 1936 the sale of apples was up to two hundred thousand dollars per year!

Why did these type of apples expand in our community? How did that help our community?

A bushel basket

Tray pack of apples.

Why did farmers switch to the tray pack method in the 1950s?

In 1958 Gerber Company came to Henderson County for processing apples, peaches and other vegetable crops.

Gerber came up with the idea of harvesting apples in bins and then using forklifts to move the boxes onto trucks.

Blue Ridge Apple Growers began in 1936. Their purpose was to help promote the apple industry.

Advertisement to help promote SkyTop Orchards.

Each year two Apple Ambassadors are chosen from Henderson County High Schools. The winner receives an gold apple necklace among other leadership opportunities.

SHE also is involved in our communities yearly Apple Festival.

Why is the apple festival important to our community?