All About Me

This is a Flyer All about me

My last hair cut

This is me sitting on the new porch i make a couple months ago with my last hair cut and it looks like I'm ready for a new hair cut
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Me and my Dog Buddy ^

This is Buddy but i call him budbud for short. He is about a year old and he has got me threw some rough times. I put him on here because i can't tell anything about me without him because he is a big part of my life it may sound silly to you all but he is very special to me

My life

My life is normal i guess.I live on a 800 acre farm with my dad,little brother and my dads girlfriend i have three dogs but i only own one of them

My Bio

When i was little i always wanted to be a farmer it was the dream i had and still have to this day most people will tell you that you will change your mind about your "career" but nope i have not rethought my career path and even tho i may never get to be a farmer at least i have the dream