Math Minute

Bester Elementary School

Reflex Update

We have almost answered 1,000,000 math facts in Reflex as a school. When we started Reflex we were at a 16% fluency rate. Now, as a school, we have moved to 42% fluent!! That growth has happened in just over a month's usage. Imagine what are students are going to do until the end of the year!

Here are some highlights great achievements in our data. Note that Mrs. Sutherland has been using the program since the first day of school so her data is going to be skewed from everyone else's.

Highest amount of growth in fluency: It's a tie with Mrs. Gillespie and Mrs. Buhrman both classes have increased their fluency 41%.

Highest fluency in each grade:

  • Grade 1: Yoder (31%)
  • Grade 2: Sutherland (64%) & Myers (30%)
  • Grade 3: Dunn (55%)
  • Grade 4: Buhrman (67%)
  • Grade 5: Giancola (48%)
Note that many grades were very close (some only 1% point apart).

Highest number of facts solved in each grade:

  • Grade 1: Yoder - 35,102
  • Grade 2: Sutherland - 183,577 & Myers - 15,929
  • Grade 3: Dunn - 22,012
  • Grade 4: Buhrman - 96,090
  • Grade 5: Giancola - 44,405

Everyone is doing such as fabulous job with encouraging your students to work in Reflex both at school and at home. On Tuesday, at Math PD we'll look at our individual data to see where we can help kids even more.

Planning Resources

If you are looking for short exit slip problems or quick warm-ups be sure to pull out your CCSS Task Cards. There is one question/card for each of the Math (and ELA) standards in the box. Many of these cards can also be found in the assessment box of the standard pages on the math portal.

PARCC Released Items - NEW**

PARCC has released additional items on their site for grades 3-5 for both MATH and ELA. If you are interested there are samples of both EOY and PBA type questions at this link: These questions could be pulled out and used as short exit slips or warm-ups. Some of these questions even include student samples and rubrics.