Wispre Jenkins

English 9 4x4 Final Exam

Journal Reflection

Journal : I dont mean to, but i disappoint my mom all the time. I lie and i sneak around doing stuff i have no buisness doing. I do it because i want to: But, i dont tell her because i know she'll get upset. ( October 22, 2012 )

I think this was my best journal because I got to write about something I realy care about. I dont mean to upset my mom by doing the things that i do, but i do it anyways. I really try to do good; But sometimes I let things get the best of me. This writing promt was very interesting to me; Because every day thjat i go home, I think to myself how I wish I was a better daughter; And, how I wish that I can just make all the write decisions at all times without even thining about it.

Dream Speech Revision

Wispre Jenkins


January 8, 2015

I have a dream that I provide for my mother the way she provides for me now. I’m aware that it’s not easy, even though I have a lot more than the average person. It’s not easy to have to pay the bills and buy the things your children want. There’s the gas; electricity; water; and cable bills that need to be paid for. Also, you’re going to have to buy your kids clothes, shoes, hygiene essentials, food, pay for health insurance and much more. My mom’s only a nurse and she pays for two children herself; and by me joining the military, I will be able to provide for my mom and myself. I have a dream that when I get older, I get accepted into the military, rank high, and get my money. When I’m in the military I plan on getting a very high paying job, in order to pay off my mother and myself. I plan to join the military first, then college; because if I go to college in the military, the government will pay for it. When I’m in college, I plan to either study history or science. If neither goes as planned ill just join the air force, or navy. For those two, I’ll go to college to get my ranks up. The higher the rank, the more money I will make. I will stay in the military for ten maybe eleven years; therefor after I retire I’ll still get paid, and still be able to provide for my mom. I have a dream that when I get older ill become very successful and make my family proud.

Students Choice Short Essay

Q : What would you do if you could visit the past?

A : If I could visit the past, I would go back not make the desicions ive done. In specifics, I wouldnt've snuck out the house, lied about things that I didnt need to lie for, or stole. Also, I would stay on top of my grades because then, I wouldnt be in the position Im in now. Lastley, I wouldnt associate with the people that I did.

Note To Self

Dear Wispre,

You are going to encounter a lot of porblems this year; But, you just have to be smarter, than to engage in everybody elses foolishness. Theres going to be a lot of people talking about you this year; But, dont even trip. Just stay strong and keep your grades right so you can cheer next year and be happy again.