Friday "ROAR"

Friday, August 25, 2017

Thanks for a Great Week!

On behalf of the administrative team, we would like to thank each and every one of you for an outstanding first week back. The students and parents were very excited to be back and we all did a great job of welcoming them back. Please continue to ask questions of your students and parents in reference to their mode of transportation home. This is especially important for new students who are newly enrolled. Check and double check this information and if you are not sure, please let an administrator know so that we can assist. A quick note.... Killian Cash is on the way! Thank you for your patience.

Mastery Connect Training- Grades 3-5

This message is for teachers in grades 3-5 as well as Ms. Laird and Ms. Thompson. As was shared previously, our school will continue to use Mastery Connect and the TE 21 item bank to deliver high quality, standards based formative and summative assessments. On Thursday, August 30th, Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Gore will meet with your teams during planning to train you on this tool. Please click here to view the video to show you what steps we would like you to complete prior to August 30th.

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Reminders- Pre-K will be in the Building Next Week

This is just a friendly reminder that our Pre-K friends will be here next week. They're first day of school is Monday, August 28th. If you usually park up front, please plan to park at the Little Red Schoolhouse on Monday to accommodate parents who will want to walk their children in to school on that morning. Please also assist in whatever way you can with these students as they become familiar with our school and with school in general!

Safety and Emergency Procedures

Please be sure to review emergency procedures with your students. This includes fire drill, intruder drills, and severe weather drills. We will be having our first fire drill one day next week. Please make sure you have your Emergency Folders located near the door with necessary information. If you have not done so already, you will need to print out a "Grab and Go" roster to keep in the folder. If you have questions or are not sure how to do this, please see your team leader. The first fire drill will be announced one day prior to the drill but subsequent drills will be unannounced.

Technology Updates

Mrs. Porter is finishing up with labeling a couple of 4th and 3rd grade class chromebooks. You may still book her to complete the required "Procedure Talk" prior to using chromebooks. Please remember that our district does not have Hapara anymore and we will need to monitor students while on computers by moving around the classroom. Thank you for your patience on receiving individual devices and checkout items. Look out for a Techie of the Week next Friday!

What's Going On?

Week of Aug. 28- Sept. 1, 2017

Media Rotation Week

August Character Ed- Getting Started

Monday, Aug. 28

Faculty Meeting- 3:30-4:30 pm (bring a device)

Tuesday, Aug. 29

Wednesday, Aug. 30

Ms. Cooper's Bridal Shower

Thursday, Aug. 31

Mastery Connect training (3-5) planning

Friday, Sept. 1

First Friday Breakfast

All Classroom Blogs Update

Looking Ahead....

Week of Sept. 4-8, 2017

Media Rotation Week

September Character Ed- Diversity

Monday, Sept. 4

No school- Labor Day holiday

Tuesday, Sept. 5

Wednesday, Sept. 6

Thursday, Sept 7

Open House 6:00-7:30 (All Hands on Deck)

Friday, Sept. 8