Progress Reports

December 7, 2012

Progress Reports are coming home today!

Your child has a progress report to share and be signed by you . I told the students that it is along time until March and they can change any grades they are not happy with. Please have your child come speak with me on Monday, if they have any questions about their grades.

Social Studies Progress Reports from Mrs. Gurley

Dear Parents

Progress reports are coming home today. Missing work (marked "mi") lowers the grade, of course. The students can: find the work, complete the work, and then turn in the work, and the grades will improve.

Please remember that the first response is usually, "I turned it in! She lost it!". After the students calm down, please discuss with them the importance of turning in every assignment. Please sign the progress report AFTER the missing work has been stapled to the back and then have your children turn in their report.