Come to Earth 3.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Emilie Stellato

Information you need to know:

•diameter of planet: 30,580.8 km

•distance from its sun: 79 million miles

•average temperature: near 72F

•length of day: unknown

•length of year: .79 years

•number of moons: 0

•number of rings: 0

•how old i would be if i lived on the planet: 17 years old

•distance from earth: 600 light years

•the value of "g": 238,526,137.356


•how long it would take to get there if your rocket traveled at 0.1C: 6,000 C

•planets mass: 8.3608^26

some facts:

•discovered in February 2011 and confirmed in December 2011

•orbits it's star every 290 days

•it's close to being like Earth; its average temperature is 72F

some problems that we solved:

• if the planet receives too much energy from its star it could make the surface as hot as Venus' surface but we will put a dome over top to make it less hot

•using a space shuttle, it would take 23.4 million years to get there but we will make a super fast rocket to solve the problem

•the sun is 25% less bright but we will use lots of Solar panels to save light