Aids In Africa

Aids affects millions of people everyday in Africa.

Background of the issue?

Africa has been dealing with this panademic of Aids and HIV for 40 years. They are still struggling with contolling this pandemic.

Analysis of the cause of the conflict?

Lack of treatment and education about Aids and how they are transmited.

Location and countries involved?

The whole continent of Africa and mostly south of the Sahel.

Statistical information?

Every day 1,000 children are affected with aids in Africa. Only 23% of the children with aids in Africa are recieving treatment. In Africa there are 22.4 million people inffected with Aids and HIV.

What has been done to resolve the issue so far?

Many Americans have raised money through charities to donate money for the proper education and medical understandings to help with this pandemic.

What else needs to be done?

Medical tools need to be provided to all hospitals.

Plan to adress the problem?

They hope that in the next decade there will be all the medical tools and education to support this pandemic.

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