Fourth and Fifth Grade Newsletter

April 2013

Upcoming Events

4/9: Chick-fil-A Spirit Night
4/10: Fernbank Field Trip
4/11: Rising 6th Grader Parent Meeting; Covington; 6:30
4/20: Peachtree Academy Gala
4/22-26: Standardized Testing
4/26: Talent Show
4/29: Scholastic Order Due
5/1: Reading Calendars Due
5/3: Panther Day
5/8: 5th Grade Field Trip, Anne Frank Museum

Fourth and fifth grade are leading Chapel during the month of May!

**We are in need of the following classroom items: pencils, lined notebook paper.

Content Information

Fourth Grade Language Arts, Social Studies

Language Arts: Students are continuing their focus upon GUM rules and applying those rules appropriately. Please continue to encourage your student to work carefully and diligently on all tasks. We are focusing on a different GUM skill each week, and students are applying their learned knowledge of GUM rules as they edit and proofread various written pieces. In Writer's Workshop, fourth graders will be studying and writing various types of poetry to honor National Poetry Month. In Reading, students have been thoroughly enjoying Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. They will be completing many activities reflective of this text. Please continue to encourage your student to read and do their best to meet and exceed set AR goals.
Social Studies: Students have begun their study of the Revolutionary War. Upcoming Units: United States Constitution, Westward Expansion

Fourth Grade Math, Science

Math: In Fourth grade Math, we are currently in the middle of our Geometry unit. We are working on perimeter of polygons and will be moving into finding area next. The students have made a Geometry Notebook that they are writing in daily to practice their note-taking skills, and to keep up with the many vocabulary words that we will come across. We will be finishing up the Geometry soon, and then we will move into our last unit, Measurement.

Science: In Science, we are currently working on the Solar System unit. Students are working on planet brochures right now, and will present them when everyone finishes. We should be finished with this unit soon, and we will then move on the last unit, Sound and Light.

Fifth Grade Language Arts, Social Studies

Language Arts: Students will be continuing their study of sentence diagramming as we focus our GUM efforts on parts of speech. In Writer's Workshop, fifth graders have begun their work on expository research papers; topics for this paper include historical persons/ things/ events spanning the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We will begin construction of this paper mid-April. In Reading, students will soon begin a new class text; this text will be reflective of our study of World War II. Students recently participated in a class introduction of the book, looking at the following vocabulary: anti-semitic, genocide, racism, obligation, tolerance.
Social Studies: Fifth graders will be covering historical topics from Radical Reconstruction in the South to the beginning of WWII.

Fifth Grade Math, Science

Math: Fifth grade will be finishing the Geometry unit in the next couple of weeks. We are currently working on circumference and area of a circle. Next week, we will work on coordinate pairs and graphing. Our last unit in Math will be Volume and Measurement.
Please make sure students are working on Math homework every night (Mon-Thurs). It is very important for them to go home and continue to practice the skill that we worked on in class.

: We are finishing Electricity and Magnetism this week, and will be starting Chemical and Physical Changes on Monday. We will be moving quickly through that unit, so we can have enough time to cover the last unit in Science, Earth.