Fragile X Syndrome

Affected individuals tend to be mentally handicapped.

Also known as Martin-Bell Syndrome

Fragile X Syndrome is a genetic disorder.

-An inherited condition characterized by an X chromosome that is abnormally susceptible to damage, esp. by folic acid deficiency. (

-The most widespread single-gene cause of autism and inherited cause of mental retardation(

-More common in males.

How children receive Fragile X Syndrome

-Fragile X syndrome is caused by an abnormality in a single gene. In 1991, a researcher supported by the March of Dimes discovered that fragile X syndrome is caused by a mutation (change) in a gene called FMR-1 located on the X chromosome (6)


SYMPTOMS (look at illustration)

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Common Symtoms

Elongated Face, Large prominent ears, Crossed eyed, hyper extensible Joints, enlarged testicles(in males), Flat feet.


There is no specific treatment for Fragile X syndrome. Instead, training and education have been developed to help affected children function at as high a level as possible