Getting a job in high school

By: Sergio Ortega

Having A Job In High School

In high school some students already have jobs they go to after school for a couple hours.

Having a job in high school is not a bad way to go when you want to save up some money,as long as its a decent paying job.Students usually get jobs in high school because its very productive and they can be prepared for the future.


Students that have jobs in high school are acting more like adults than childish. They want to learn how to take care of themselves and be responsible. Students in high school that have jobs are being smart by having a job to save up money for the future when they graduate.


Some people think that students in high school should wait on getting a job before graduating, but if you think about it your not really being prepared for your future. I think having a job in high school is a brilliant idea. if you save up all the money you make you can take care of bills if you want to go to collage.