The five people you meet in heaven

a bestseller by Mitch Albom

Character Breakdown

Eddie is the main character who lost his life on his 83rd birthday at his job; a amusement park that was located on the ruby pier. Eddie was a old veteran who felt stuck in his past that held many issues with his father. Eddies father also worked at ruby pier; he sadly often came home drunk and full of rage. that rage was directed on to Eddie and his brother Joe. Eddies father neglected him through violence, silence, and neglect. once Eddie arrives in heaven he meets the blue man, he teaches Eddie his first lesson which is there are no random acts in life. the next person Eddie meets is the captain he teaches Eddie that when someone loses something in life they often gain something. Ruby is the third person Eddie meets in heaven. she teaches him to let go of anger and to forgive his father for the problems he has caused. Marguerite is the fourth person Eddie meets in heaven she teaches him that love is not lost when someone dies. the fifth and last person Eddie meets is Tala. she is the little girl that Eddie saved which ended in his death. she teaches him that his life did have a purpose and that was keeping the children at the pier safe.

Theme and Setting

The five people you have in heaven took place at the ruby pier amusement park located next to the grey ocean. although has many lessons inside the story it all displays a theme of letting go and forgiving. often during life many people hold onto pain and regret. this book tries to teach the reader that we should learn to accept what has happened and try not to carry it into the future. there is a reason for everything even if it not clear at the moment.

My top 3 favorite lessons.

Pan or Praise?


i would definitely praise this book, it allows you to feel sympathy for not only the main character but all of them. it teaches a valuable lesson people of all ages can take through their journey about learning to let go of mistakes and anger so you may live peacefully. it also teaches you that everything will happen for a reason.