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My mother got me into dancing when I was very young and I have enjoyed it ever since. I've been dancing for the past 13 years of my life. I really enjoy the creativity involved and the feeling you get when you truly feel you've accomplished and created something great. I have been fortunate enough to receive a scholarship from the dance studio ballet Idaho for the last six and a half years. Through the process of becoming a dancer I have also met several amazing choreographers and have had opportunities that many don't ever get to experience.

Lydia Basquil

This is the woman who introduced me to contemporary and other forms of dance I had never experienced before. I have been inspired time and time again by this wonderful woman and her work has moved so many other people as well. She started out as a teacher of mine when I was about ten years old and ever since then she has been my biggest inspiration. I had never been brought to tears because of a piece before, but after that I new there was something special about her methods. An inspiration to me and everyone around her. Lydia.

Some of the top jobs include

relaxing , fun, and crazy at times , But being able to find just the right movement makes it the perfect mix of these three.

1. How does someone get to the position to actually be able to start dancing professionally?

2. Should I go attend collage? Would I go before joining a company or could I take classes whole dancing in the company?

Steps for the future.

1. Research more in depth on others before me who have attempted to become professional dancers and who have succeeded.

2.Look further into my options for college. Maybe considering a college with a strong dance program.

3. Start branching out and looking for jobs that relate to dance. Some that are involved but maybe something else like a photographer or choreographer?

4. put all the information together and see what it comes to in the end. Finding a good school and what the best job would be for me to pursue.