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Our Mission: "Nurturing a Caring and Competent Learner”


Welcome to Parkway. We are excited to have you. We know there are a lot of unknowns when moving to a new country or province and we are here to support you and your family. It is our commitment here at Parkway Public School to help each child achieve to the best of his or her ability. Provided here are some information and resources to help you and your child settle in.

Are you new to our school board?

You are probably wondering:

- Where do I register my child for school?

- What if my child knows very little/no English at all?

- What other available services are there available for my family and I?

You probably have a lot of questions right now. But don't worry and continue scrolling down as we provide you with some answers.

Where do I register my child for school?

Please visit one of three We Welcome the World Centers located throughout Peel:

Call 905-366-8791 to book an appointment at one of the three centers above. Welcome centers are opened Monday- Friday from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. Families can get support and assistance in many languages from staff at the centers. There will be an orientation interview and assessments of Math and/or English language skills, especially if :

  • student is new to Canada, including those coming from English speaking countries

  • student who is new to the province

  • student who is new to Peel without a Report Card, and who has been in the Ontario school system less than six months

  • Students who have studied at an international school and have been out of the country more than 8 months

The orientation interview will...

  • Discuss your child’s educational history, interests and goals
  • Assess child's English language proficiency and/or knowledge of mathematics
  • Introduce the Ontario elementary school system

Programs to help your child learn the English language

Your child is not alone when it comes to learning the English language. Over 50% of our students here at Parkway P.S. have a first language other than English. We support your child in learning the English language through our English as a Second Language (ESL)/ English Literacy Development (ELD) programs.

ESL Program:

ESL support may be beneficial if your child has little or no previous knowledge of English, but has attended formal schooling in your home country.

ELD Program:

This program benefits those who have had limited access to schooling and have significant gaps in their education. This differs from ESL in that ELD students have not had the opportunity to develop literacy skills in their first language.

At Parkway Public Schools, ESL/ELD programs are provided through various forms depending on the needs of our students. We understand that each child is different in their own ways.

Intensive Support:

This kind of support is appropriate for those who are in their early stages of English acquisition or have had limited education. Students may be withdrawn from the homeroom to receive targeted instruction where subjects are adapted to meet the needs of the English language learner (ELL). Students will also get the opportunity to interact with their peers when they join their homerooms to complete activities that they are able to complete with their current language proficiency.

Integrated Support:

ESL/ELD teachers will collaborate in the planning, instruction and assessment of ELLs. Teachers provide instruction that is appropriate and targeted towards the need of the ELL through differentiated instruction, whether individually or in small groups.

Tutorial Support

ESL/ELD teachers provide this type of support several times a week to small groups of ELL. This time outside the classroom provides students the opportunities to practice and reinforce their language skill that they have learnt in their regular curriculum in their classrooms.

Parents can help support your child by using your home language

Don't be afraid to continue using your first language with your child. Your parental involvement is equally as important in your child's journey to learning English as our support here at school. At Parkway, we welcome the use of students' first languages in our school and within the classroom.

The Ministry of Education stated that research has has actually shown that "students who maintain proficiency in their first language while learning English do better in school". This is because...

  • Language skills can transfer from one language to another
  • Your child's first language provides a solid foundation to develop mental flexibility and problem-solving skills
  • It helps your child experience a sense of cultural stability, identity and self-confidence
  • It promotes a positive attitude towards language learning for ALL students
  • It also expands their career opportunities

Don't be surprise when your child comes home and says:

  • "I got to write in our language in class today."
  • "I got to speak to another friend in my/another class using our home language for an activity today."
  • "We are creating our own story using both English and our home language. Can you help me?"

In our classrooms, teachers will often apply the following dual-language strategies:

  • teachers will encourage those who are just learning English to write in their own language
  • teachers will invite students to come up with ideas in their first language
  • students will have the opportunity to work with student partners that speak the same language
  • students will also have opportunities to engage in activities that take advantage of their first language
  • teachers may invite students to complete dual-language assignments

You can find more information in the following government document Supporting English language learners in every classroom

We Welcome You to Get Involved

At Parkway, we welcome parents to become involved and help enrich our students' experience here at our school. Our success as a school is not without the involvement of our staffs and students, but also with the excellent support that parents provide our students at home, and within the school as volunteers.

How can YOU be involved as a parent?

At Home:

  • help your child with homework
  • read with your child
  • be encouraging of your child and celebrate their achievements
  • continue speaking your home language if English is not your first language

At School:

  • become a lunch monitor
  • get involved in our School Council
  • Volunteer during school events such as our Spring Fair, Scientist in School, or school field trips
  • Join us for information session, family dance nights and attend our concerts and talent shows

Feel free to contact our school office at 905-451-8440 to see what opportunities there are for you. We are confident that with your rich experiences and background, we can all benefit as a school and as a community.

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Below are some resources you may find helpful:

Supporting English Language Learners in Every Classroom

A document that our principal, administrators and teachers use to better support English language learners

Peel Distric School Board Homepage

Feel free to change the language to better serve you by clicking on the top right corner and choosing your preferred language

The Newcomer's Guide to Elementary School in Ontario

A guide to additional services such as home language programs, counselling services, special education, education policies, report cards, provincial testing, discipline procedures, etc.