Come Improve Anxiety Symptoms!

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We will teach you how to Improve Anxiety! These are some of the ways we teach...

Take A Deep Breath

Taking deep diaphragmatic breathes will allow your relaxation responses to kick in. It will make your nervous system switch into a balanced, relaxed response of our Parasympathetic Nervous System

Exercise: Inhale slowly as you count to four, starting at your belly and then moving into your chest. Then, Gently hold your breath as you count to four. Finally, slowly exhale for four counts as well.

Get More Sleep!

Not getting enough sleep can make your anxiety kick in. If you do not get enough sleep, then you should do things that relax you and do not stimulate the brain before bed.

Some things that may relax you could be listening to calm music, take a couple deep breathes, take a warm bath, or anything else that makes you relaxed.

Get Active!

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which leads to reducing anxiety.

You do not just have to go to the gym and do a boring workout. You could do lost of fun things like ice skating, snowboarding, biking, hiking, dance, or anything other physical thing that you enjoy doing!

Accept Your Anxiety.

The best way to really deal with and help your anxiety is to accept it. Denying that you have it, and trying to control this feeling of anxiety and eliminate it is the real problem that people have. Accepting that you have anxiety does not mean that you surrender to it, I know exactly how you feel and if you come stop by, I will work through it with you.

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