Russian Food

By: Alyssa Hamilton

Favorite Russian Foods

Black bread and cabbage are eaten by many Russians. Kasha, a type of bread, and sausage are mainly eaten by people that live in the cities. Other favorite foods of Russians are Caviar, Blini and Pirozhki.


The favorite food of many Russian people is Caviar. Caviar is tiny fish eggs and taste salty. The best Caviar comes from Sturgeon that is caught in the Caspian Sea. It is also very expensive.


Blini are crepe like pancakes that are folded with a filling inside. They are spread very thin on a round griddle. Russians believe Blinis bring people good luck.
russian fast food (blini) making video
Теремок making blueberry-filled blini (pancakes)


Another favorite food of Russian people is Pirozhki. These are personal sized buns that are fried or baked. They are filled with different fillings such as meat, vegetables, hard boiled eggs and potatoes. These are often sold at fast food restaurants but are made at home as well.