Texas Performance Standards Project

Brittany Luis

Emilio Luis

Q: What is your most prized possession?

A: My tools are my most prized possessions.

Q: Why do you value these items?

A: I value them because I have collected them my whole life. They are something that has helped me in my career throughout my entire life.

Q: What's your favorite tool that you own?

A: I would have to say my favorite tool would be my power drill. It just happens to come in handy a lot.

Brittany Luis

Q: What are your three most cherished possessions?

A: My three most cherished possessions are my concert tickets, my race bibs and medals, and the bracelet my mother gave me for my 15th birthday.

Q: Why do you cherish these items?

A: I think I deeply cherish each of these items because they are mementos of times I enjoyed. I love going to concerts and seeing all the different kinds of people bonding over music that we all enjoy. My race bibs and medals are a collection that I have been working on since I was in the third grade. I love to look at them and think of how much better I've gotten over the years. The bracelet my mother gave me on my 15th birthday is special to me because it has been passed down three generations.