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Digital Citizenship in Action - Kristen Mattson


For years, much of the available curricula for teaching digital citizenship focused on “don’ts.” Don’t share addresses or phone numbers. Don’t give out passwords. Don’t bully other students. But the conversation then shifted and had many asking, “Why aren’t we teaching kids the power of social media?” Next, digital citizenship curriculum moved toward teaching students how to positively brand themselves so that they would stand out when it came to future scholarships and job opportunities.

Digital Citizenship in Schools


If you are involved in the planning of digital citizenship implementation or initiative, this is a great book to systemically plan for teaching digital citizenship.

Cyberbullying Research Center

The Cyberbullying Research Center is dedicated to providing up-to-date information about the nature, extent, causes, and consequences of cyberbullying among adolescents. Cyberbullying can be defined as “Willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.” It is also known as “cyber bullying,” “electronic bullying,” “e-bullying,” “sms bullying,” “mobile bullying,” “online bullying,” “digital bullying,” or “Internet bullying.”


All Grades

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media's Education section provides educators as well as families great lesson plans and resources that start the discussion of many hot-topic issues in online behavior such as cyber bullying, phishing scams, and general online safety for grades K-12.

My Digital Driver's License

Suggested by a participant in the session, he uses My Digital Driver's License with the older students as a learning module for digital citizenship.

Secondary Grades

Digital Compass (6-8)

Digital Compass from Common Sense Education will help students earn the fundamentals of digital citizenship through animated, choose-your-own-path interactive experiences, designed for grades 6-8. Invite students to explore digital dilemmas, make good (and not-so-good) decisions, and try out possible solutions through stories and mini-games – all without risking their real-world reputations. Discover how Common Sense Education’s award-winning digital literacy and citizenship curriculum seamlessly integrates into blended-learning environments.

Digital Bytes (9-12)

Digital Bytes teaches teens digital citizenship through student-directed, media-rich activities that tackle real-world dilemmas. Teens learn from the experiences of their peers then create collaborative projects that voice their ideas for making smart, safe choices online.

Digital Bytes is ideal for afterschool programs, community centers, or blended-learning classrooms that need short, relevant activities that teach digital citizenship and critical thinking about media consumption and creation.

Students can earn badges for completing each section!

My Digital Compass - Where is your Tween Heading?

Get the latest info on a NEW app for digital citizenship from Common Sense Media for Middle Schools/Tweens. I cannot wait to use the new resources!


On Guard Online

onguardonline.gov is another great website for both teachers and parents. Resources are available for home or school use when teaching children of all ages about digital citizenship. There are videos (the kids like them) and interactive online games (can be downloaded, too, for offline use) with each lesson.

Seven Digital Deadly Sins*

Seven Digital Deadly Sins approaches topics very relevant in our digital world today facing teenagers. It offers talking points for discussions dealing with digital safety and citizenship.

*Disclaimer: Please review this web resource before using with your students. It deals with very mature content that is very relevant conversations we need to have with our older students that deal with touchy situations.

Elementary Grades

Google's Be Internet Awesome


To make the most of the Internet, kids need to be prepared to make smart decisions. Be Internet Awesome teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence.

Digital Passport

Presented by Common Sense Media, Digital Passport is an interactive game that teaches digital citizenship. It is web based and in app format. Grades 3-5

InCtrl - Digital Ctizenship

Cable Impacts brings you InCtrl, a series of free standards-based lessons, originally developed by Cable in the Classroom, that teach key digital citizenship concepts. These lessons, for students grades 4-8, are designed to engage students through inquiry-based activities, and collaborative and creative opportunities.


Net Smartz Kidz

Net Smartz is another wonderful website that provides educators as well as families with great resources for teaching digital citizenship. The website offers interactive activities for young children as well as interactive comics for teens to address issues of digital safety and behavior.

This website is sponsored by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Through the Wild Web Woods

Through the Wild Web Woods was created by the Council of Europe designed to teach kids 1st grade through 5th grade on how to spot dangers on the Internet and how to deal with the dangers appropriately.

The interactive game is available in 24 languages!

PBS Kids Webonauts

PBS Kids presents Webonauts interactive game that teaches digital citizenship through putting students in multiple situations that show them how to behavior online appropriately.

Professor Garfield

Developed by the Virginia Department of Education. It is an app along with other free apps to teach online safety and cyberbullying.


AT&T's Internet Safety Land

AT&T's Internet Safety Land is a very basic interactive game that teaches students how to deal with dangers on the internet.

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Cristin M. Dillard

Cristin M. Dillard is the Technology Integration Coach for Enterprise City Schools.