Visualize ideas!

What is Popplet?

Popplet is a free, easy-to-set-up-and-use-collaboratively online brainstorming, presentation, and productivity tool that allows users to organize ideas graphically. The main feature of Popplet is the “popples” - boxes that can contain a variety of media (text, images, YouTube videos, or drawings) and which can be connected to form relationships between things and ideas. Popplet is an effective learning tool because it can facilitate a collaborative, iterative, and relational way of communicating information and may be used in almost any disciplinary context.


Popplet Breakdown

There are three versions of Popplet: A free online browser-based version, a free “lite” iPad version, and a full iPad version ($4.99). All versions are fairly similar, except that the iPad versions lack a number of features (listed below) and the lite iPad version only allows for the creation of one Popplet project.

When users open a new Popplet project, they are presented with a blank canvas. Popples can be created in the workspace by double-clicking. Users can insert text, links, pictures, YouTube clips, Google Maps, Flickr videos, or draw inside popples.

Users can also determine where popples are placed and how they connect to each other by clicking on them and dragging them around the workspace or by dragging them into each other to form connections. Additionally, popples can be labeled, resized, and recolored.


● Presentation view: determine the viewing order of popples and use the arrow keys to move from popple to popple (not available in the iPad version).

● Organize: automatically align all selected popples horizontally or vertically or manipulate spacing between popples (not available in the iPad versions).

● Timewarp: rewind time and see the progression of the project’s creation (not available in the iPad versions).

● Share: add a collaborator, share on Facebook or Twitter, link to another Popplet, or create a hyperlink (not available for the lite iPad version. The full iPad version only allows for adding collaborators and sharing via email.).

● Export as a .pdf, .jpg, or print.