Celebration Day Lights

Havin a ball at Celebration Day

Like no other day!

From the procession, to the speeches, to the torch lighting all the way to the final dance, the day is filled with excitement and fun. Special acknowledgement to Kathleen Kempanien and Nolan Fuller, of 4th gr., for kicking off the afternoon with terrific speeches to get us all going!
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Teacher involved in bobsledding!

Mrs. Shaffer looking like she is having fun, or is she!
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Warming up with a little recess

Our first grade green team is heading out for recess. They will be all set to have fun during the Celebration Day! Go Team!

School Lunch Food Service News

YEAR END Reminder for All FOOD SERVICE Accounts:

Please make sure to end the school year with a positive or $0 balance in your food service account. Unpaid charges place a financial strain on the food service department.

For graduating families without younger siblings, please check the balances in your food service and registration fee accounts. If you have a positive balance remaining, please contact the business office with your request to receive a refund of the balance or election of donating the remaining amount to an "Angel" fund to be used for other families in the food service program. We currently have a need for this in our schools. Please email Tanya in the Business Office koiket@merton.k12.wi.us with your choice.


Student Grants Through PTO News

The Merton School PTO received six 2018 Student Grant applications this spring. Congratulations to Megan S. in 3rd grade for her idea of a tetherball pole and ball! Thank you for sharing your ideas! We are proud of Megan for her participation in this process.

Go Fly a Kite!

Mr. Heinze's c;lass cught some good wind for their homemade kites. Here are some action pics of them with their creations. Thanks Mr. Heinze!

Read a book in a week? How do we do this?

Our third graders were having a terrific time using their reading strategies to pair up and read chapters of a book during the course of Friday morning's workshop. You should've been here-the kids were setting up their posters with pre-determined components that were explained during the mini-lesson. It was so much fun to talk with them about it.

The library has become THE place to read.

Here are some of our fourth graders enjoying some quiet reading time on Celebration Day. As you can see, there are different places that the students truly enjoy. We are blessed as a school to have this space.

Mike Budisch

Celebration Day!!! This is a terrific day that has come to mean so much for our schools, the children, the staff, and so many volunteers that come to join in the fun. I hope you wear a smile becasue of the really good things that happen in our schools. Thanks for the continued support