The Art of Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness Skills through Art

Getting Creative with Mindfulness

Want to start the new year off right? Come join us as we use creative art journaling to learn and practice mindfulness-based principles. If you’ve ever been curious about this method, this is a gentle and creative way to try it. Each week we will combine different artistic materials and techniques with mindfulness prompts to explore these concepts.

  • Week 1: Body Scan - awareness of the body
  • Week 2: Pebble Meditation - a mindful activity to cultivate peace

  • Week 3: Compassionate Image - a guided visualization practice

  • Week 4: Changing the Script - a mindful way to handle annoyance

  • Week 5: Emotion Improv - an exercise for developing mindfulness of mood and feeling

  • Week 6: Trying on Different Shapes - mindfulness of mood and posture

  • Week 7: Tense and Let Go - yoga nidra relaxation exercise

  • Week 8: Next Time I’ll Do Better - recognizing and learning from mistakes

  • Week 9: Power Struggles, mindful communication

  • Week 10: Harnessing the 4 Elements - a mindfulness activity for facing challenges

  • Week 11: Noticing the 5 Senses - a daily mindfulness log

  • Week 12: The Image of Gratitude - images for reflection and discussion

Group Details

When: Every other Friday, 12:00-2:00 p.m.

Dates: Starting January 8th

Where: The Healing Group (6770 s. 900 e. Suite 105 Midvale, UT 84047)

Cost: $15 per session or $120 total

To join the group, call 801-305-3171 or email A simple preregistration over the phone or by email is required.