Finance & Legalities Newsletter 5.0

AIESEC in Malaysia

Finance Role In Enhancing Customer Experience

In AIESEC, we always talk about that we want to provide quality experience to our EP. We complain that our programme fees are very high. We always want high revenue and do not want to spend on our customers even we know they are paying a high cost.

So, how can finance play a role to ensure that we deliver the value proposition of AIESEC business model is worth the price that is paid by the customers (TN/EP)? If we are going to always use the old way to drive experience, we are not going to grow DISRUPTIVELY as an entity.

Check out the content below and the article I shared.

6 Ways to Leverage Customer Experience for Revenue Growth

Customer Experience for more Revenues and Lower Costs

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MCVP FL Main Focus for the Week

1. Finance Coaching - Jing Yi (UTP), Cheah En (Kedah-Perlis), Ruo Ni (UPM)

2. MC Intl Personal Tax Management

3. LC Payable & Receivable Balance Update

4. AMAN 2017 Planning

5. MCVP Transition Planning

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