Reading In Room 223

Quarter 4 Edition

Let Reading Take You Places!

Reading can take you all over the world, and on many adventures! Choose a book that you enjoy and read it in a way in which you are traveling with the characters and experiencing events in their shoes. This can help make reading more enjoyable, fun, and exciting!

Upcoming Events in Room 223

As we begin fourth quarter, students in reading class will continue to work on improving their reading strategies. Students will also continue to work on writing responses to literature. This is important because it enables students to communicate their thinking and show their understanding of reading in writing. Please continue to encourage your child to try his or her best in class!

Some Reading Tips As Summer Approaches

Encourage your child to read, read, read! Reading in the summer is just as important as it is to read during the school year! Allow your child to pick a book of their choice and read in a comfortable place. Parks, beaches, and lawn chairs are all comfortable and fun places to enjoy a good book in the spring and summer!

Talk to your child about his or her reading, or read a book together. Talking about reading helps with comprehension and provides explanations when there is confusion.

Lastly, encourage your child to complete summer reading activities. Summer reading activities are collected in September and are factored into grades. Visit the for additional information and flyers detailing summer reading expectations!

Some Good Reads to Check Out!

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