Phishing not Fishing

How to avoid dangerous Phishing.

Information about Phishing

Phishing is when hackers try to steal your identity. Most times it's via email, they usually try to create a fake website. You will most likely receive an email saying you need to verify something, or enter in all this information about yourself. If you do receive an email like this and questioning whether it's legit or not here's some tips..
  • If they address you by dear customer, rather than your actual name
  • If there is multiple spelling errors
  • If there's a link to another website
  • Who they say there sending it to
If you receive an email with any of the previous signs delete the email, and move on.

Don't Let them Steel your Identity

If someones steels your identity it's a serious thing, they could be pretending to be you and you have no idea. Whoever stole your identity could be making new accounts in your name and steeling your money. I know you wouldn't want this to happen to you, so stay safe and avoid fishing.
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