Super Seahorses

Gianna Bucello


Did you know that less than 1% of seahorse eggs develop into mature seahorses? Well, Seahorses are slow, tiny, breathtaking creatures. These creatures don't have a stomach so, it's hard for them to get food. They need to sleep, and hunt good food to survive.


A seahorses life seems very pleasant. Seahorses are most of the time, shrewd. This sensational animal is very majestic, intriguing, and gorgeous to look and learn about! I love the way they change color so they will not be noticed by predators! As a result, seahorses are a lot of fun to learn about!

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Think Tank

For my Think Tank, I did the Quizzle. My Quizzle has questions like does the male seahorse give birth? and is the following sentence true or false? There are ten questions to give more information. { Couldn't paste word wall, Mrs.DiCairano knows about this.}


My Diorama has very colorful, living animals.
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Go Fish

For my Go Fish Project I picked 7 fish and 2 snail to go in my fish tank filled with 16 gallons of water. I chose a Strawberry Dottyback, 2 Cerith Snails, Green Female Crown Betta, Domino Damsel, Yellowtail Blue Damsel, 2 Blue Female Veiltail Bettas, and a Silver Hatchet Fish. The subtotal of inches of fish is 16 inches. The total of money is $33.07 dollars. It was so much fun to buy my own fish tank and fishes!

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Britannica School

Search "Seahorse" and do reading level 2.
Cute Seahorse Swimming - Video for Kids