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Monday, March 30, 2020

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School News and Important Dates

We are committed to supporting you through this time. Our desire is to be respectful to our students and staff and recognize that we are all in a very difficult situation. During this time we will continue to offer learning opportunities and support:

  • Teachers will still be available to meet you virtually and will still be monitoring student progress
  • EOS orders will still be approved and processed
  • Curriculum and Technology orders will continue to be processed
  • CPA will still continue to offer learning opportunities for high school
  • HQT's will hold office hours for high school students and families
  • High school students, particularly seniors, are strongly encouraged to keep up with their school work and completion of assignments
  • A special website of open and free resources is available at this link
  • Support videos, lessons, and tools compiled by our intervention team are available here

New Resource Site For All Parents

We worked together to create a resource site for our families and for parents who are now faced with homeschooling their children. Please share with anyone who you feel could benefit from the site!

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Community Connections

Cabrillo Point Academy Community Connections has gone VIRTUAL and is providing fun workshops throughout the week through Zoom.

Check out the newsletter for workshop days and times:

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Inspire Virtual Art Fair

We are excited to share that we will be having our first ever Inspire Virtual Art Fair! All Inspire students and teachers are eligible to participate. The theme this year is “Off to Adventure.” Students who would like to participate can create an original work of art using any still medium (no video) that shows what their favorite adventure is. This could be a real or imagined adventure or whatever adventure means to you. ANYTHING can be an adventure! Students will photograph their art and submit it to be shown on our Virtual Art Fair website.

Click the link below for the full details.

High School

Classes and Curriculum

Our HQT-led classes (Edgenuity, CPA, Textbook Program) remain open and our teachers are continuing to support your students.

Most of our popular curriculum providers remain open and students can access classes and continue learning. Some of our curriculum providers are offering free resources during this time:

    • Language Bird

    • ASU Prep. Digital

      • Resources at no cost such as virtual field trips, library access, video lessons, and much more: ASU for You

    • Shmoop and Rosetta Stone are offering free student and teacher accounts while families are distancing during this time. Please contact your HST if you are interested in learning more.

High School Counselor Support

Anxiety is a normal part of life and common to the human experience. Our children also experience anxiety and may be experiencing more during this time.

Here are some tools for parents who seek to give their child the skills they need to cope with the tough things in life. Rather than overwhelm you with 50 resources all at once, there are just a few that you may find helpful:

This book contains practical tools for parents to teach their children ways to face their fears - toddlers to teens.


Your High School Counselors

Cabrillo Point Academy

Pacific Coast Academy

Mission Vista Academy

8th Grade High School Transition Information Sessions

Student Support

The Intervention Support Website has a special page for our families to access free online sites, released due to the COVID-19 crisis. The webpage has the links and access codes only for our school. Sites like Brain Pop, and ABC mouse are now free! Check it out!

English Learners

Here are some resources to continue strengthening your Student’s English skills.

English In A Flash - This is the same login as STAR 360. Vocabulary building, digital and print flashcards.

Duolingo : Learners develop the vocabulary and grammar needed to achieve that goal through lots of varied practice in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

English Interactive :Great for self-studying language learners. Materials available for reading in English for every age. Interactive children's books to listen, read, & repeat.

English Media Lab : Beginning to high skill language level.interactive grammar, vocabulary, listening and classroom games alongside several puzzles - crossword puzzles, word search activities, cloze exercises & more.

ESL Kids Lab : K- intermediate language skills. Video Lessons by course, Printable Worksheets, Self-grading exercises, Flashcards, Phonics Materials, Teaching tips

Little Pim :0-6 years old Printable lessons, fun activities for kids, and more to help reinforce the vocabulary children learn from watching Little Pim episodes.

BingoBongoKids : digital flashcards, printable flashcards, worksheets, songs, videos, curriculum cards, student profile cards, posters, stickers, English course books, games, lesson ideas, crafts and more

Special Education

Hello parents, as we are working through these challenging times, we wanted to provide you an update regarding the educational support and services we are providing your student(s). Please see below for the many ways we are supporting students:

  • We have instructed all virtual related service providers to continue providing services per your child’s IEP (ex. Speech, OT, etc.). For most of our students, they will keep the same service time. You will be contacted individually by your provider if there are any changes.

  • With guidance from the county department of health, and with our strong desire to protect the health of our students, families, and staff, we will be offering virtual services in lieu of in-person services at this time. We will maintain the level of instructional minutes within the IEP to the best of our ability and will continue to provide the necessary support for each child.

  • Your child’s virtual Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) are taking place this week. Your child’s case manager should have emailed you last week to share the SAI schedule. Services will likely occur at a different time, as our teachers had to rearrange their schedules due to adding additional students on their caseloads who now receive virtual services, taking care of sick family members and/or to accommodate for their own children being at home. This is requiring some adjustments for everyone, so we ask for your continued patience and understanding as we work with your students.

  • You may also be receiving (if you haven’t already) information from your child’s case manager about additional learning strategies and supports during this time. There are a variety of great resources that can be utilized by parents that we would like to share with you.

Thank you for your continued support of our school. Again, we know this is a difficult and trying time, and we will do our best to be a steady and consistent force for positivity in your child’s life.

Special Education Parent Newsletter

This month's Parent Newsletter content includes:

  • Understanding the Special Education Processes
  • Homeschooling and State Testing
  • Using Notebooks in Instruction
  • Calming Strategies
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Enrichment Ordering System: Amazon Punchout

A new Amazon Punchout system should be launched very soon, which should greatly reduce turnaround times on order processing and help you receive your educational materials sooner!

This week, the system is being tested by a small handful of families, in order to work out any issues. As soon as all of the bugs are worked out, it will be released to the school as a whole.

Please feel free to review this video tutorial, so that you can see how the system will work.

Please keep the following things in mind when placing Amazon orders through the punchout system:

  • Item prices are locked in for 7 days from the date the order is created

  • If items will not ship within 30 days, they will be cancelled

  • If item prices increase by more than 20%, they will be cancelled

These safeguards will help ensure that you receive your materials in a timely manner, at prices that you are comfortable with.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Homeschool Teacher with any questions!

Inspiring Parents

Coming up the first Wednesday in April, our featured speaker is Maria Kirkbride, who is the Director of Teacher Training. Maria will focus on basic computer literacy. Learn how to organize the deluge of info you receive so you can find it when you need it. We will share more tips to help you work smarter, not harder. Parents and students are welcome to learn with us on April 1st, from 1-2 p.m. by clicking this link:

Don’t worry If you missed the Inspiring Parents webcast earlier this month which focused on writing. The first hour, we learned a simple to follow method to teach writing. The second hour zeroed in on middle and high school writing curriculum and toured a free website featuring a growing number of writing tutorials to support all grade levels through high school. Just sign up to request the recording at either of the links below.

Easy to Use Elementary Writing Strategy

Middle to High School Writing Strategies

Academic Video Library

Did you know you have access to Inspire's academic video library? These videos are available to support students in reading, math, and speech and can be accessed through the EOS!

Instructions to access Academic Video Library can be found here.

Educational Tools

Free Audible Books

Free books on audible! No membership required. Go to
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Free Access to Logic of English Online Resources

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Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids

In Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids, you’ll find an amazing collection of more than 40 hands-on art activities that make learning about math fun!

  • Create fine art-inspired projects using math, including M. C. Escher’s tessellations, Wassily Kandinski’s abstractions, and Alexander Calder’s mobiles.
  • Make pixel art using graph paper, grids, and dot grids.
  • Explore projects that teach symmetry with mandala drawings, stained glass rose window art, and more.
  • Use equations, counting, addition, and multiplication to create Fibonacci and golden rectangle art.
  • Play with geometric shapes like spirals, hexagrams, and tetrahedrons.
  • Learn about patterns and motifs used by cultures from all over the world, including Native American porcupine quill art, African Kente prints, and labyrinths from ancient Crete.
  • Cook up some delicious math by making cookie tangrams, waffle fractions, and bread art.

Price: Currently $13.29 on Amazon here.

Homeschooling Advice

When Homeschool Doubt Creeps In- You Are Enough

'Something hard happened a few weeks ago.

We went to a new doctor, who got very hung up on homeschooling.

Instead of focusing on health questions, he asked a lot of school questions:

“Can you type?”

“Do you take classes online?”

“What are your college plans?”

And the zinger – “Are you at grade level in all of your subjects?”

We left feeling frustrated because it seemed like homeschooling had become a distraction to what brought us there in the first place.

Only later did some other feelings creep in for me.

Doubt. Fear. Worry.

And an old friend showed up. I call her the Worry Elephant. She sits on my chest at midnight and whispers. I hear that I can’t do this. That I’m messing up. That I’m not enough.'

Read the full post here

Your Orange County Team

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Community and Connection

Join Our Orange County Facebook Community

We would love to see more families in our Facebook group! Follow this link to join the conversations, stay up-to-date with our virtual events, and to get more virtual resources.

Please note: There are three questions that need to be answered in order to join. The group is for currently enrolled families only.

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Instagram Page

If you are on instagram, we'd love to hear from you! Join our page, learn about our upcoming events and field trips, and tag us in your homeschooling photos!

Orange County Parent Resource Site

Have you visited Inspire's Orange County Parent Resource Site yet? If not, head on over to meet our regional team, stay current on school events, and find general school information. This website is a great resource and one you'll want to bookmark!

Ladan Rashidi - OC Family Liaison

I have three children who are 2, 6 and 8 years old, and I was previously a high school math teacher. Four years ago, our family chose the path of homeschooling and we have enjoyed it ever since! I am passionate about helping families navigate their way on their exciting homeschooling journey, and connecting individuals to build a community!

Shaemanique King - OC Family Liaison

I am a mom of four children, ranging in ages from 2 to 9 years old, and have homeschooled for the past five years. I consider my homeschooling style to be “eclectic” as I draw from many sources and philosophies. I enjoy planning and hosting activities and events and look forward to interacting with and supporting homeschooling families!


We would like this newsletter to best reflect the needs of our community! If you have any suggestions or input, please complete this survey. We appreciate your feedback!

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