Susan B. Anthony

By: Aiden, Kiana, and Britney

Early Life

  • Susan became a teacher in 1837
  • In 1849 she moved to New York
  • She thought slavery was wrong
  • She also thought that drinking was illegal

Life's Work

  • Susan went to meetings about slavery
  • In 1800's woman couldn't own land
  • Susan began to work for rights for woman
  • Men wouldn't let her speak

Later Years

  • Susan worked with Elizabath Cady Stanton
  • They wrote a newspaper
  • They gathered women to talk
  • They held marches to bring attention

Important Information & Fun Facts

  • Susan B. Anthony helped women win rights
  • Susan died in 1906
  • In 1920 the U.S. Congress gave women rights
  • She was born In 1829 In Massachusetts