Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School

By:Jeff Kinney


Author:Jeff Kinney

Published By:Amulet Books

Genre:Realistic Fiction

ISBN #:978-1-4197-1961-5


Kid Choice Awards


Greg mom wants every one to stop using there electronics for forty eight hours. She wants it to be like the old days. Greg wants to know if the old days are better then new school. The rent at there grandpa house started to cost to much so he moved in with Gregs family. Gregs dad isnt happy about his dad moving in so he start acting more strict towards the kids. Greg makes a lemonade stand and he makes it all wrong he puts limes in the lemonade instead of limes so they had to go by lemons.

Grag asked his grandpa to take him to go get some lemons half way there the car ran out of gas. Grandpa went to go get help and while he was gone the car got trashed by teenager and greg accidentally made the car roll backwards. So he wouldn't have to face his dad he decided to go on this field trip with his school. On that trip his best freind and his friends dad got hurt so Gregs dad had to come volunteer. Everyone that went to this camp always went home scared becuase when gregs dad was a kid he made a rumor about a beast at the camp.

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