Comet Weekly Update

Thursday, October 6th

Hello Leland Comets!

Happy October! This season of year it feels particularly meaningful to spend our time in Leelanau County. The sun illuminates colors painted across the trees and a frosty fog rising from the grass each morning. We seek out pumpkins, donuts, and cider at our farm stands of choice. Gathering to watch games and performances feels like being a proud part of strong community... something bigger than ourselves. There is no place that does October quite like Leelanau County. Before you start on your quest to find the perfect locally made donut... take a look at the weekly update for information important to your family!

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Recently at LPS...

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September 19th win 2-0 over Suttons Bay
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Wednesday's W under the lights!
Leland Soccer vs Suttons
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LPS Student Section showing up strong last night for the big game!

Boys Varsity Soccer Secures a 2nd Victory Over Hometown Rival

Earlier this season Leland beat Suttons Bay at Hancock 2-0 (pictured above in the awesome moments captured by Emily Defour.) Last night the Comets played under the lights on the Norsemen's home turf. The energy in the crowd was high and level of game play intensified as the teams held each other 0 - 0 late into the second half. The tension at the field burst into screams of joy from the impressively large Leland fan section as freshman Weston Burda scored the game's only goal. Each position poured their soul into holding a fired up Norsemen team from scoring. This team has strong ball control skills and a deeper knowledge of the game that has allowed them to earn success after success. The team is now 13 - 3 - 1.

Stay up to date with their schedule as playoffs begin soon!

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LPS Drama Presents... Imagine It! - October 27, 28 & 29

Imagine It!

Think about a place called Town that has strict rules on imagination. Now think about some
determined kids who have other ideas and begin their journey to show others the potential of
imagination. Soon everyone is realizing how important it is to being one’s self and to have
one’s happiness. Watch and listen to IMAGINE IT! as the songs and acting illustrate the fears,
determination and laughter!

IMAGINE IT! is a one act musical play, lasting about 45 minutes with no intermission. Tickets
will be sold at the door, or the box office, or at Adult tickets are $12.00
and child/student $10.00. This play is appropriate for all ages.
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YUM - Wednesday and Friday are fan favorites when it comes to Breakfast Break. We asked Instagram which was their true favorite... "Any day because food & friends are always a good thing." :)

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Kindergarten watches closely for the stage in which the chrysalis becomes transparent and they can see the Monarch butterfly inside!

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Students in 8th grade history class have a mock town hall meeting in which "Patriots, Loyalists, and Neutralists" passionately discuss declaring independence!

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Precalculus students took advantage of the warm weather mid week!

"Functions are like a day at the beach, they can shift like the sand." - Mr. Defour

Leland Alumni Spotlight

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Alisha Glass Childress

  • Leland alumni and volleyball State Champion!
  • Collegiate volleyball player for Penn State, where she led Penn State to three NCAA consecutive championships.
  • United States women's national volleyball player winning gold with the national team at the 2014 World Championship, and bronze at the 2015 World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympic Games
  • Professional volleyball player Athletics Unlimited Volleyball

We asked Leland Alumni Alisha Glass Childress a few questions about her perspective of the Comet experience...

1. Tell us about a favorite memory you hold from your time at LPS.

One of my favorite memories from my time as Leland was winning a state championship and bringing it home. It wasn’t about the winning (which was great), it was about the drive home, where family, friends, members of the Leland community met us in TC to escort us home and we all met in the gym to celebrate. We all got to have school pride in doing something on a big stage from our small school and town.

2. Tell us about a time you felt most proud to have tackled something difficult at LPS.

I was never very creative or artistic, but at Leland, we got to do lots of things rather than specializing. I wrote a poem and submitted it to Exposures and it got in. It was nerve racking to do something that made me feel vulnerable and wasn’t a strength and I’m really glad I did it.

3. What is one thing you learned in school that shapes who you are today?

I learned not to put limits on myself. That I could be from a small town and a small school and still get to where ever I wanted to go. And that’s been reinforced for me since, a lot of people that were on the women’s national team or even Olympic team were from small towns, it makes you gritty, fighting to be the best against others that might seemingly have more resources.

4. What advice would you give to a student currently in school?

Work on having a different relationship with challenges and/or disappointment. Instead of trying to get out of or side step hard or difficult things, embrace them as opportunities to grow so that when you leave the supportive LPS community, you’ll be more prepared to do difficult things in different and maybe even more challenging environments.

News From the Classroom

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Mrs. Suttmann's Class Apple Orchard Field Trip rescheduled for Monday

Our Field Trip is postponed due to weather, and we will go on Monday, October 10.

Please send in $2 for bussing, a sack lunch, and have your child wear clothing appropriate for an outdoor field trip.

Cold weather is approaching quickly- like tomorrow. Please send your child warm weather gear and make sure they have extra clothes, including socks. If your child is missing an item of clothing, please remind them to look at school and also, contact me, so I can help them look in the lost and found.

- Mrs. Suttmann

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Our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program Move This World can be used at home!

Dear Families,

To support our students’ social emotional needs and mental health, we are using a video-based social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum from Move This World. I’m excited to share that you’ll be able to access this helpful curriculum at home, too!

Social emotional learning is how students learn to process and manage emotions as well as important social skills. It includes everything from goal setting to stress management, and it provides both children and adults with tools they can use to express themselves authentically and safely. SEL helps students build healthy relationships, communicate effectively, and live a meaningful life.

Below, you’ll find log in instructions:



Password: movethisworld

Practicing social emotional learning at home can help your students:

  • Identity and recognize their emotions.

  • Build critical social skills.

  • Connect with themselves and others.

  • Navigate challenges they may be experiencing.

  • Adjust to the new school year.

Move This World is a social emotional learning program delivered through an extensive online library of PreK-12 videos and resources rooted in creative expression that help students, teachers and staff develop a common language to improve communication and build trust. We’re so glad that you’ll be able to access Move This World videos and resources at home, and hope they are helpful for your students and family.

Learn more about how it works here.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

For more information see the link below

News From The Athletic Department

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This Weekend in Sports

Thursday, October 6th

No Events

Friday, October 7th

MS Soccer @ Kingsley - 4:30pm

Saturday, October 8th

No Events

News From The Cafe

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Manage lunch money at the link below!

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MS & HS remember to bring your ID to lunch! It takes everyone doing their part to make the line go fast!

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NEW! Check out the delicious selections to look forward to on the October breakfast and lunch menus!

News from the Nurse's Office

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Next Monday October 10th we will be partnering with the BLDHD Immunization team to host a vaccine clinic at LPS.

Dear Comet Community,

The Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department is providing fall 2022 back-to-school recommendations. Current back-to-school protocols for COVID-19 are evolving from pandemic emergency to a more standard tactic of controlling respiratory viral diseases, such as influenza. While the onset of a more threatening variant could alter this approach, schools and families can focus on illness prevention and responding to in-school clusters of cases, according to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

There has been significant progress in lessening the impact of COVID-19 with vaccines and medical treatments. The public and schools do need to remain vigilant, however, taking into consideration those in our communities who are older or have underlying medical conditions that put them at higher risk of developing serious complications. Strategies to prevent the spread of infectious diseases for families and communities continue to include:

  • Stay current with COVID-19 and other immunizations,

  • Create a supportive environment for anyone choosing to wear a mask

  • Follow isolation guidelines when diagnosed with or showing symptoms of illness

  • Utilize testing resources and thorough symptom monitoring before heading to school and extracurricular activities

  • Consider increased use of masking during periods of increased respiratory illness or outbreaks

  • Report illness and symptom information on your student and follow the school policy for when to return to school

  • Keep your sick student home; if there is a question, consult guidelines for when to keep children home from school

These reasonable and responsible approaches will help keep our school community healthy. It’s all part of remaining diligent in preventing the spread of communicable diseases. School closure should be a last resort, according to MDE and MDHHS.

Lastly, SAVE THE DATE for 10/10/2022! Next Monday we will be partnering with the BLDHD Immunization team, to host a vaccine clinic on October 10th, at Leland Public School. Please see the following flyer for more information and how to register.

As always, we appreciate your partnership.


Stephanie Burns, RN

School Nurse Leland Public School

Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department

(231) 871-8353

For information on how to register click on the flyer below.

Read & Sign Parent/Guardian Medical Consent Policy

Parents/guardians must provide consent for their minor child for nursing care provided by the Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department School- Based Nursing Program (SBNP). Students without a signed parent/ guardian consent will not be seen, except for a student’s first visit to the school-based nurse, when staff will call the parent/ guardian before providing any services, for a one-time-only verbal consent. The waver is linked below.

News From The Media Center

Thank you Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Olson & Mrs. DeFour!

The media center staff is thrilled to have students back in both libraries! Mrs. Anne Clark and Mrs. Claire Olson have returned and are also joined this year by Mrs. Emily DeFour! We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!

As the school year begins, we are spending time each week during elementary library class visits reminding students what our library procedures and expectations are. We want to encourage our students to be principled learners who take good care of their library books and return them on time. Some students still have missing books from past school years and we would appreciate it if those books can be returned promptly so that other students may read them.

This year we are trying to reach our goal of 20,000 books checked out as a school. In the first six days of school, the libraries have checked out a total of 960 books. We are updating the count on a flip chart each morning in the elementary library so students can see how close we are to reaching our goal!

  • Kindergarten students may have 1 book checked out at a time.
  • First and second graders may have up to 3.
  • Students in third grade and above may have 5.

Around The County

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College Night Wednesday October 12th

College Night is going to be held at NMC on Wednesday, October 12 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Timothy J. Nelson Innovation Center in Traverse City. There will be over 40 different colleges/universities and military branches represented at this event.

We also have colleges/universities visiting Leland this month.

The schedule is as follows:

October 10 Grand Valley State University at 12:25 in the high school library

October 11 Columbia University at 2:30 in the hIgh school library

October 12 University of Michigan at 1:25 in the high school library

October 18 Alma College at 12:25 in the high school library

We highly encourage HS students to visit with these admissions advisors. If you are applying or plan to apply to any of the above schools, these individuals will be the first person to review your application. This is the time to make the best first impression and show interest. These advisors have a wealth of knowledge about their own college/university but also about the admissions process, financial aid and college life in general. Take advantage of these amazing opportunities!!!

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Join MS Youth Group at Pedaling Beans or HS Youth Group at Roman Wheel!

Middle School (Wyldlife) started meetings on Wednesdays from 7:00 - 8:30pm at Pedaling Beans.

High School (Young Life) started meetings on Sundays from 6:45 - 8:00pm at Roman Wheel.

Please contact Carol Hoag at (989) 941-1882 with any questions.

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Interesting in learning to row at Lake Leelanau Rowing Club?

For middle and high school students interested in learning to row, the Northwest Michigan Youth League is offering a rare opportunity for local Leelanau schools to form small teams and row for free with the Lake Leelanau Rowing Club (LLRC) at the historic Fountain Point resort in Lake Leelanau.

An article in the Sept. 8 issue of the Leelanau Enterprise (linked below Sports section, p12) provides details about the club and the opportunity. It’s a great organization, in a beautiful setting.

We already have one student who currently rows at LLRC. It would be great to get a team of four or more students from LPS to row together – for free! And since LLRC/Fountain Point is already on the LPS after-school bus route, transportation is convenient.

LLRC also is open to adults that wish to row/learn to row, separate from the student scholarship opportunity. For more information, the LLRC contact is listed below. If you’d rather talk to a Participating LPS parent, contact Susan at or 231-386-2600 (cell).

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Local All Star Drivers Education

Allstar Drivers Ed will be hosting a Segment 1 and Segment 2 class soon! Locations include Suttons Bay and Traverse City. Please check the Allstar Website for more information.
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Leelanau VFW Holiday Gift Assistance Program

Register with this program for assistance with holiday gifts.
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Leelanau Children’s Choir and Youth Ensemble Auditions

Schedule Auditions for Leelanau Children’s Choir and Youth Ensemble at 231-883-SING

The group is made up of singers from all over the county including Leland, Glen Lake, Montessori, Northport, St. Mary's and homeschooled students.