Isiah Thomas

By: Zach Moritz

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Born in Chicago

Lives in Michigan

Worked as a player and part owner of the Toronto Raptors

Who is loved by the Piston fans

Who loves his mom, basketball, education

Who fears crime, injuries, hate

Who gives hope, education, support



"If all I'm remembered for is being a good basketball player then I've done a bad job with the rest of my life." - Isiah Thomas. I chose Isiah because of the role model and athlete he is. Isiah Thomas is considered to be one of the best to ever play the game of basketball. Isiah is one of few who have played in the NBA, been a owner and a general manager. Isiah is one of a kind.
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Backround information

Isiah Thomas gives hope. Isiah was born on April 30 1961. Isiah had nine siblings and he was the youngest. As Isiah grew up people started calling him Zeke. In high school he attended St. Josephs. After high school Isiah accepted a scholorship from the university of Indiana. Throughout his life he payed tuition for more than 75 kids and brought 40 kids to an amusement park. He finished college when he was 20 years old. Isiah is a humle man.

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I chose this because it shows if you work hard it will pay off. Isiah grew up in the hood he worked hard and it paid off, this is one of his houses now.
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Isiah Thomas is an unbelievable man. Isiah set an NBA record of 1123 assists. In 1986 Isiah won all star game MVP. In the 1989 NBA finals the Pistons won the championship in four straight games against the Lakers. The following year Isiah was named MVP of the 1990 finals.

In the season of 1991 Isiah became the Pistons all time leading scorer. Throughout his career Isiah averaged 19.2 points per game. Isiah was named the NBA’s 50th anniversary all time team. One game Isiah scored 16 points in 90 seconds. Later Thomas was inducted into the NBA hall of fame. Isiah was a hero in the eyes of the fans.

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Isiah had a rough beginning. When Isiah was young his dad left him and his 9 siblings. Throughout his early years Isiah lived in poverty. Isiah grew up in west Chicago surrounded by drugs, crime and alchohol. When isiah entered 9th grade he transfered to St Josephs this was better for education but it was a long distance from his home. At Isiahs new school there were

few African American kids which caused him to be treated different than everyone else. Isiah proved he can get through tough times.
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Personal Qualities

Isiah is a good person on and off the court. Isiah is a caring man he thought about others not just himself. When on the court Isiah was very unselfish he was an outstanding passer.

When Isiah played basketball he was very passionate about his team and the game. Isiah is giving out he paid tuition for more than 75 kids. These are only some of the positive qualities Isiah has.

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Isiah is a man who played in the NBA. Even though Thomas had an amazing talent he was more worried about his life off the court. Isiah helped out in many ways contributing to students, fans and communities. Isiah showed you can have all the money but its about your actions that matter. Isiah is man I wish to be like.

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