What is important to me

My favorite sport

Soccer is my favorite sport, I play all year round and for the St. Paul Black Hawks.

This year I played for Ramsey's team as well. Soccer is the best!

My family

I have a family of five, one brother, one sister, a mom, a dad, and me!

I also have two dogs, Ezra and Mocko. My sister is an eighth grader here.

My brother is a freshman at Central High-school.

Some of my Friends

what I love to do

I love to ski

I have skiied since I was three years old and I love it, we have gone on a lot of ski trips to Colorado and Utah. This year we went to Breckenridge in Colorado.

Another thing I love to do is

I love math and traveling. My favorite place to travel to is the Caribbean because it is so warm and sunny. Math helps me think in a different way and I just love it!