Useful Reference Books

Dictionary, Atlas, Almanac, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia



A reference book that is used to find a definition or meaning of a word. If you come across a word you don't know you open up a dictionary and look for that word.

What do you use a dictionary for?

The reason you need a dictionary is because if your reading or writing you can look up word you don't know or if your writing you can find a more exciting word.


1. A book with lots of records, moon phases and tides. It is useful because you can use it to find record of important events.

Why would I use an Almanac?

An Almanac is used for researching events from the past. You can also use it to find the moon phases from 2013 you can look in a Almanac.


An Atlas is a reference book that tells and shows you maps. It also can tell you about the Earths core and the crust of the Earth.

Why would I use an Atlas?

I would use an Atlas for researching. If I was writing an essay for the state California I could easily take out an Atlas and look for the state California.


The encyclopedia is a book used to find information on important people. Like it might have something about Amelia Air hart.

Why do I need an Encyclopedia?

I would need an encyclopedia to research a president or a very important person.


The thesaurus is used to find synonyms or antonyms.

Why would I need a thesaurus?

I would need a thesaurus so I could find the synonyms or antonyms of words.