Wildcat Wrap-Up

3/10/2014 Site Visit

What Is This?

This is a short summary of the events during my last visit. Thanks for weathering the recent storms to prepare your kids for college, career, and beyond!

On the prowl

I popped in and out of classrooms to see some of the great learning young wildcats are doing.

Curious to know how Romeo and Juliet relates to modern-day poverty? Mr. Hooper and Ms. Gibson are launching the epic tale of love and disaster. Students are acting out scenes, and listening to the difficult text being read in preparation to answer our question.

FOIL does not just belong in the kitchen cabinet! Ms. Burnette's students were deriving the principle for the product of binomial sums and differences. In the event students needed to use the microwave (you know, when you can't use FOIL), they had the chance to solve problems using the box method - as long as it's cardboard.

Mr. Simpson is giving letters "h" and "k" new meaning in his Geometry class. No longer are these just the eighth and eleventh letters in the alphabet, respectively. When talking about circles they take on an important meaning. Not sure what they stand for? His students will be able to tell you.

How are past and present revolutions similar? How are they different? Students in Mr. Hall's and Ms. Fergerson's class are wrapping up analyses to answer these questions. Their findings promise to be nothing short of, well, revolutionary!

There were some high-level calculations going on in Mr. Amb's physics course! I've forgotten how interesting ohms, voltage, and currents are, but his students were tackling some complex circuitry problems with ease.

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