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FM9 Student Led News - November 8, 2016

Sports Calender

November 8

4:30pm - FM9A girls Basketball vs. Trimble Tech @ FMHS Arena

6pm - JV1 girls Basketball vs. Trimble Tech @ FMHS Arena

6:15pm - FM9B girls Basketball vs. Frisco Lebanon Trail @ Frisco Lebanon Trail HS

7:30pm - Varsity girls Basketball vs. Trimble Tech @ FMHS Arena

November 10-12

Varsity girls Basketball Frisco Tournament @ Frisco

November 11

5pm - JV1 boys Basketball vs. Bosewll @ FMHS Arena

5pm - FM9A boys Basketball vs. Boswell @ FMHS Navy Gym

6:30pm - FM9B boys Basketball vs. Boswell @ FMHS Navy Gym

6:30pm - Varsity boys Basketball vs. Boswell @ FMHS Arena

Election Day

Election Day falls on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, so in our case today is Election Day. While we aren't able to vote yet, it is very important to, once we turn eighteen. Voting is a way to show how you feel about policies and propositions that will effect our community, state, and nation and to choose who you think would be the best fit in representing us in office at the local, state, and national levels. Check out the table below comparing the two major parties.

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Who's Running for President?

Get to know a little about the 2016 Presidential candidates. Yes, they've been all over our TVs, the news, and social media ... but in case you missed it, read each candidate's short biography.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton is the Democrat candidate who is married to Bill Clinton, a former president. She has been the Secretary of State and has served as a junior senator. Clinton has not found a slogan that she's kept. She has gone through 85 slogans. Clinton wants to eliminate school tuition for people whose family makes less than $125,000 a year, make women and men have equal pay, increase minimum wage, and wants to expand ObamaCare.

Donald Trump

Trump is the Republican candidate who has had zero experience with politics. He is an entrepreneur. His slogan is "Make America Great Again." Donald Trump wants to to build a wall to stop illegal immigrants from coming into America, repeal and replace ObamaCare, limit gun restrictions, cut government spending, and make abortion limited.

Gary Johnson

Johnson is the Libertarian candidate. He was the governor of New Mexico and was also the Libertarian nominee in the 2012 election. Johnson was formerly a republican, but he changed parties in 2011. Johnson wants to honor and support the veterans, change the approach to drug abuse, make it easier for immigrants to get a work visa and a social security card, and regulate the marijuana business.

Jill Stein

Stein is the Green Party candidate. She has run for governor and was also the nominee for the green party in 2012. Stein wants to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy, guarantee economic human rights, provide everyone with quality health care at huge savings, and raise the minimum wage to $15.
If you could vote, who would you choose?

Click here to cast your ballot for President.

By: Jackie Glotta and Lauren Erickson