Laure Van Oproy

The worst thing in the world: POVERTY

I think there are many things to fight for in this world but I think the two most important things are poverty and injustice. It’s terrible to see how refugees live on the street. They have to fight for their lives and they’re always searching for food. People who lost everything because of a typhoon, an earthquake,.. or people who live in a war country. They haven’t chosen for that but it’s just their destiny. It’s just not fair and they should also get a chance to live a good life. Maybe you should think about that. Don’t think that you have the worst life because you don’t get everything you want but think about the poor children who beg everyday for a little bit of money. Give these children also a chance and support them. You can send money to charities and save a child’s life.

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Fight against poverty

Friday, Oct. 10th, 9pm

Turnhout, Belgium

Turnhout, Flanders

Do you want to help people in poverty? Then come 10 October 2014 to Warande in Turnhout and help us collect money that goes to children who live in poverty.
Poverty Anthem