#EdCampPE - A Different Approach

All Began in May 2016 & still growing!

Created by Lori Minka - Inspired by Ideas From Twitter, The Seconday PE Voxer Chat PLN, and Innovative Teachers and Consultants That Have Shared Their Message

A model copied off of the #Edcampedu movement and adapted for PE. I'm Excited to combine the ISTE Standards with the Physical Education Standards, and I am currently going through a trial run as we speak! Working out the kinks one day at a time! Trying to add more assessment to keep it educationally sound in tracking what students know, understand, and can do! This SMORE is hyperlinked to assist you! What I've noticed after adding in more teacher assessments is that the enjoyment of learning something new with their groups seemed to dwindle! More tweaking and experimenting to come this 2019-2020 school year!

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Inspired by A.J Juliani's book, Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom, but flipped the percentages in PE! I claim the first 20% of class time to use for teaching content knowledge, and the students get 80% of the class time to run their #EDcamp PE Units of their choice. It's amazing that students are more attentive so I can get through my material more quickly and easily.
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We've had some great #EdCamps so far, but the most unique #EdcampPEClass units to date:

Jarrod Robinson is the Godfather of leveraging technology in a Physical Education to create a better experience for students. He provides professional development, both free and paid, to Physical Education teachers around the world to help share ideas and tools to make PE great. With each post, he reveals sleek tools and ideas that can instantly transform one's classroom. Jarrod's knowledge and depth of understanding of what's truly important to be successful are second to none in Physical Education. He is a must follow for those that are looking for ways to improve their teaching - especially with technology use! @mrrobo, @ConnectedPE, and @ThePEGeekApps A Sincere thank you to Jarrod for all the work he does to help make us all better!
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Further Support, Ideas, and Inspiration Came From the Following People Below


  1. Give students the opportunity to facilitate, coach, or lead units - ours are two weeks long
  2. Have the facilitators, coaches ask for volunteers to perform a job (athletic trainer, equipment manager, statistician and scorekeeper, timer)
  3. Require facilitators to have a game plan (lesson plan)
  4. Use a learning management system like Seesaw or Schoology to allow teacher to be in each group daily without actually being there.
  5. Require a final product or project that incorporates using technology
  6. Teachers: Assist facilitators with documents, links, handouts if they're struggling
  7. Have students reflect after each EdCamp and incorporate their ideas into the next unit
  8. Have students design and create as much as possible - see logo below!
  9. Have whole group discussions about "How Tos": Communicate, Collaborate, & Create!
  10. Encourage students to speak as much as possible and use PVLEGS as a guide to public speaking!

Click the Image Below to See the more In-depth Step-by-Step How To with Pictures!

A Student, Halley Poe, From William Penn Helps Design Our New #EdCamp PE Class Logo - Thanks Halley!

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Special Thanks to Dr. Aaron Beighle

A phone call in the Spring of 2017 from Dr. Aaron Beighle, Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion at the University of Kentucky, sparked my motivation to continue with this process. I was just about to begin a two-week trial period of #EdCamp PE Class and was very hesitant as there were so many unknowns. A message came through on Twitter to talk on the phone and after playing phone tag I was able to connect with Aaron and inspired by his thoughts and ideas about students having voice and choice in Physical Education. Had this phone call not happened I might have given up on what I know in my heart would be beneficial to my students! Thanks Aaron!
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