What's New in Room 322?

A weekly review

April 11-15

Welcome back from spring break!

Math: This week in math we practiced the last of our foundational steps before we will begin heavily hitting addition and subtraction with regrouping next week. Our week has focused on expressing and comparing numbers in different ways, lining up appropriate place value columns in an algorithm, and regrouping ten ones to make a ten/ten tens to make a hundred/etc. I feel as though students have a really strong background on these facts and will be ready to take on the challenge of regrouping addition and subtraction!

Word Work: Students took their word work test on Friday. They will receive new words on Monday. Over break, I re-worked some of how we do rotations in our class and have added some new stations--I think this will be a welcome change for the classroom during their daily independent practice.

Writing: Students are still continuing their descriptive candy writings. They have really taken on the "marketing" role by using descriptive words to improve their writing. Next week we will share these.

Reading: A seemingly simple standard we teach in this unit is how to answer who/what/when/where/why/how questions. This week we have delved a little further into this by learning how to read a passage, read a question, then go back into the text to find the answer. It seems simple--but to a second grader this can be quite hard! Students have shown a lot of growth in finding evidence from the reading just in this week. We also took our unit pretest, reviewed text features and their importance and have began looking for how to identify the main idea of a text. Next week we will begin forming our informational book clubs.

Science: This week begins our living organisms unit! We have discussed what characteristics all living organisms have and have created a mural of examples of living organisms for the hallway.

Social Studies: Students are working on comparing the lives of Ruby Bridges and Martin Luther King Jr. in Mrs. Barber's class.

ALL field trip money due Monday (no late papers accepted)


Monday: Chinese

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: Science

Some Homework Updates (what's to come)


  • With our new unit being so focused on addition/subtraction with regrouping it is going to be necessary to have some at home practice with this too in addition to the instruction and support they're getting in class. Next week I will be sending home some worksheets to be completed for homework. This can be instead of Dreambox for those nights.


  • Reading Logs: Since students didn't get their reading logs until Wednesday this week, I let them know that the expectation is to have at least 3 boxes completed by Monday. If they complete all 5 then their mountain climber will go up two spaces instead of one.
  • With our informational book clubs, we will be researching animals and completing in class activities based on that. There will also be an at home portion of the project to be completed. More information will be sent home about this next week!

Upcoming Odell Events

All details from these events can be found in your April copy of Draco's Digest.

April 8- CCG Parent's Night Out

April 11- Report Cards sent home

April 13- Tijuana Flats PTA Fundraiser (5:30-8:30, Concord Mills)

April 15- Staff Volleyball Game vs. Furr at Winkler Middle School

April 25-29- Teacher Appreciation Week

April 27- Field Trip

April 29- Hospitality Lunch

May 4- Boosterthon Pep Rally

May 5- Skate Night

May 11- Boosterthon Fun Run / CCG Parent's Night Out

May 18- Family Reading Night

May 23- PTA Meeting

May 24- Chik Fil A Night

May 30 - No School (holiday)

Report Cards

I've sent the scaling scores on how we grade report cards the last two marking periods--let me know if you would like me to send it to you this time! You'll also notice on report cards that for your child's reading level, it is the same as last marking period. We are to write the same thing because we haven't formally tested it for the third benchmark yet (but that's coming up within the month!)