Two Different Worlds

By Lizani Aukvera

The Country of Greece

Greece has a population of 11.03 million people. The population is made up mostly of 35-49 yr olds. Most of the people in Greece are woman. The average person will live up to 80.63 yrs. People in Greece live in cities or coastal areas. Greece has had a steady increase in population over time. By the year 2030 Greece will have a 7.4% decrease from 2012.Greece's food supply is not very secure. This will impact the population by not having enough food for the country. Greece healthcare system is not horrible but the government spending lost 25% between 2009-2012. Drug spending has dropped 32% since 2010. Greece is spiraling deeper into financial debt. This will cause the people to move out of Greece. Air population is a major problem in the city. Hundreds of residents are hospitalized because of the pollution in the city. This can cause the popultion to decline.

The Country Of Yemen

Yemen has a population of 24.41 million people. The population is made up mostly of smaller children within the ages of 4-14 yrs old. Most people in Yemen are Males. The average person will live up to 62.91 yrs. Since Yemen is a poor country many people live in rural areas. Yemen had a low population in the 70's then they increased rapidly over time. By the year 2030 Yemen will have a population of 36 million. Yemen has a very low food supply because of war cutting off their communication with the outside world. The population of Yemen will be impacted deeply. The Yemen healthcare system in in dire need of help. Many Yemenis don't have any type of healthcare and stay sick for long periods of time, because of this the population remains low. Yemen is in-between a war causing the food supply and the population to decline greatly. Environmental issues in Yemen include overgrazing, soil erosion, and desertification. This makes it very hard for people to live in Yemen.