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School Year 2022-2023 Health Information Form

The attached health information form is a requirement for each student, each year. Please take a moment to open this document and ensure you have filled it out for your student this fall. If not, please do so and return to your student's school nurse.
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Over the counter medications at school

Over the counter medications including Tylenol, ibuprofen, cough drops, and essential oils can NOT be kept with a student at school. If a student requires ANY medication at school, the parent must reach out to the school nurse. A medication administration form must be completed and returned to the nurse, along with an unopened, unexpired bottle of medication to be kept in the health office.

Halloween is coming!

As we approach Halloween, we know that many people will choose to send food into school for students to share. The nurses would like to encourage you to share healthy alternatives or trinkets with your student's class, instead of candy. If you do decide to send store-bought treats in for kids to hand out, please send individually wrapped items.

It is also important to remember and be aware of any life-threatening food allergies that may be present in your child's class. Please contact your student's teacher or school nurse if you are unsure what ingredients need to be avoided in your student's class. It is essential that parents who choose to send treats to school read all food labels carefully to ensure the health and safety of the students.

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Food for Thought | Reading Food Labels

ConVal School Nurses

Gretchen Shippee, RN ConVal High School (603)924-3869

Judi Bernardi, RN ConVal High School (603)924-3869

Linda Compton, RN Great Brook School (603)588-6630

Tricia Harris, RN South Meadow School (603)924-7105

Vicki Mellon, RN Antrim Elementary (603)588-6371

Jill Gourley, RN Peterborough Elementary (603)924-3828

Amy Healey, RN Pierce Elementary (603)588-2131

Rebecca Philbrick, RN Francestown Elementary (603)547-2976

Alaina Slocomb, RN Greenfield Elementary (603)547-3334

Mitzi Turgeon, RN Hancock Elementary (603)525-3303

Rebecca Philbrick, RN Temple Elementary (603)878-1955

Rebecca Philbrick, RN Dublin Consolidated (603)563-8332