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Pointers On How To Finish The School Year

  1. Don’t coast-Be more intentional. Don’t allow yourself to go on autopilot. Instead, choose to be intentional about making these last days count. Set some end-of-the-year goals and make it a priority to do all you can to influence your students during these last few days.
  2. Keep first things first. When you’re overwhelmed and there are a million things to do, remember to focus on what really matters and realize that the rest will get done eventually.
  3. Rely on relationships you’ve built. You’ve spent a whole year building relationships with your students and their parents, and as a result, you likely have more influence now than you ever did before. Take advantage of every opportunity to speak the truth and impact their lives.
  4. Prioritize what to teach. If you’ve got way more material to cover than you have time to teach, don’t just keep trudging along. Instead, sit down and decide what is most important for them to learn. Then focus on that.
  5. Don’t plan to stop teaching too early. For those of you who are right on track and are about to finish your curriculum, I have a word of caution for you – don’t finish too early. The problem is that once you tell the kids we are done with the book, you have trouble keeping them focused and out of trouble for the last few days.
  6. Continue communicating with parents. Don’t just turn in your final grades and walk out the door. Take the time to have one last communication with the parents of kids who have struggled in your class. Give them suggestions/ideas and activities of things they can do over the summer to help prepare their student for the next year.
  7. Try to leave things as organized as possible. The more organized you can leave things now, the smoother things will go next fall. So take a few moments to jot down notes for yourself of what worked and what didn’t.
  8. Enjoy these last days. Instead of counting every moment till you’re done, choose to enjoy these last days you have with this group of students. This opportunity – your time with these students – will be done. So choose to enjoy these days while you have them and to view them as a gift. This one mental decision will impact everything else you do.
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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!