The One and Only Ivan

By: Katherine Applegate

I am Ivan I am a gorilla and it's not as easy as it looks...............

The story the One and Only Ivan is fiction, with the three settings of the Big Top Mall, Ivan's domain, and the zoo. Ivan is my favorite character of the novel because of his determination, curiosity, loyalty, and artistic love. Ivan, the gorilla, brings true friendship to the story and he shows a soft side of a gorilla I would have never guessed in my life. I would want to be friends with Ivan in where ever he ends up in this jurassic book called The One an Only Ivan.

The one and only conflict................


The conflict of the novel is when an old, wise, and smart elephant, named Stella, dies just when a new baby elephant, Ruby, comes into the mall. Ivan promised Stella on the night of her death that he would protect and get Ruby a better life than she, Stella, had. Will Ivan get Ruby into a zoo? Or will Ruby end up as Stella? You'll have to read and find out in the book called The One and Only Ivan.

The Author

Katherine Applegate is the author of the novel The One and Only Ivan.


I recomend this book to Woodward North readers because it shows the true meaning of friendship, curiosity, and loyaly. Ivan, the real gorilla, just passed away (2012) in but was located in Zoo Atlanta. Here is a photo of the real One and Only Ivan.
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I am Ivan, just Ivan, the one and only Ivan.